“Today I am your Piqué” did he flirt with Shakira in public?

the sun rises” is the ninth studio album by the singer Shakira, premiered on October 19, 2010, consisting of around 12 singles, including “Gordita”, a song in collaboration with Rene of Residentat that time Calle 13.

The Puerto Rican has been characterized as one of the best composers in the music industry, he has a great talent that allows him to rhyme, write and interpret impressive verses with ease, as these geniuses came together and resulted in this song.

Now, this album brought with it a tour, so on October 14, 2011, the Colombian singer-songwriter performed in Puerto Rico, the musician accompanied her on stage to perform the single live together, not knowing that she would have a surprise for the artist.

Well, the song began to play and the verses began to flow, later René decides to take off his shirt, in order to get more comfortable, Shakira without knowing that on the back of her colleague some particular letters would be written that were directed towards her.

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For you could read the words:

“Today I am your pique”

Since the interpreter of “If you goconfirmed his relationship with Gerard Piqué In 2011, Rene wanted to make her a surprise that sparked emotion among the fans who came to the place to hear the artist sing her hits live. Seeing the Colombian, she could not help but laugh, because she did not expect it.

That was the last time the two singers were seen sharing the stage, however, now eleven years later, fans would have liked to see a little more about them, some other collaboration or even some romance, as it is believed that the Puerto Rican was flirting with Shakira.

One piece of evidence was the stanza he wrote for “Chubby girl” what does it say:

“Shaki you are very pretty
Although I also liked you when you were fatter
With the little black hair and the round face like that half rocker”

Without neglecting the incredible chemistry that overflowed every time they got together to perform the song on stage.

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