Edith González’s widower makes important confessions about the actress and her daughter Constanza

In 2010, Edith Gonzalez got married with Lawrence Lazowho became a second father to Constance, the only daughter of the deceased actress, and with whom she lived until the now young girl went to live with her father Santiago Creel and their respective family. Given this, the economist was questioned about the relationship he has with the girl now that they no longer live together.

“We were family, we are family and we will continue to be family,” Lazo warned the media. “It has a place always in my life and in my heart, and very well earned, and very respected.”

The 68-year-old man has been very discreet about the relationship he had with the protagonist of soap operas such as Eva, the trucker, Live at the wrong time and Doña Bárbara. Now, he replies that it is what he keeps from the famous. “It is a question that I would not know how to answer. What I keep, which is invaluable, are memories,” he confessed. “And that is priceless, it has no time, it has no dimension. And that is perhaps what one accumulates the most in a relationship.”

Instagram/@edithgonzalezmx1 Edith Gonzalez and her daughter Constanza Creel

Instagram/@edithgonzalezmx1 Edith Gonzalez and her daughter Constanza Creel

Lorenzo Lazo is also hermetic in what corresponds to his private life; For this reason, when, in August 2022, it was announced that his two-and-a-half-year relationship with Lourdes Peláez had ended, he was brief to confirm that, indeed, the romance had ended, but he did not avoid giving more details, despite the fact that the The lady assured that the separation was carried out on the best terms.


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