Conejo Pérez would be chosen for the sports management at Cruz AzulMediotiempo

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In Cruz Azul there is total confidence in the house staff. Óscar Pérez will be chosen to serve as sports directorwas able to confirm halftime. His work will be supported by the rest of the cement leadership, as this will be his first experience in office.

Pérez would be the ideal to occupy the sports management

The Conejo Pérez knows the celestial team perfectly from the roots and now behind the court with his retirement and return to the Noria What Goalkeeping coachto later be Diego Aguirre’s technical assistant and now he will have tasks in the sports management.

And it is that the Rabbit justly took an academic preparation in the managerial area beyond longing for a career as a technical director. So now he will have a great opportunity in the cement field, but he will not be alone.

Even, the idea of ​​incorporating Luis Miguel Salvador is analyzed to guide the exporter; though the decision is not yet made. It should be remembered that Salvador was one of the options to occupy the place that Jaime Ordiales left after his departure from the institution to join the direction of National Teams in the Mexican Soccer Federation.

Clausura 2023 is scheduled to start on January 5where the Machine will seek to improve what was done in the 2022 Opening, when they were eliminated in the Quarterfinals.

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