Aaron Judge’s ‘goodbye’ to New York Yankees revealed


In a conversation he had with Aaron Boone, Aaron Judge’s ‘goodbye’ to the New York Yankees was revealed. It was because of the Houston Astros in the MLB.

Aaron Judge vs.  Houston Astros in MLB Playoffs
© Al Bello/Getty ImagesAaron Judge vs. Houston Astros in MLB Playoffs

A new chapter in the novel entitled ‘What will be the future of Aaron Judge?’ revealed more information about the conversation he had ‘Judge’ with Aaron Boone once the elimination of new york yankees in the MLB Playoffs. The word goodbye said present.

The talks for Judge to sign a new contract with the Yankees after playing for seven seasons in the New York team did not start in the best way, since the star of the MLB he wouldn’t have liked that brian cashmangeneral manager of the ‘Bronx Bombers’, make known the offer they made to the ‘Judge’.

Since Aaron Judge He said no to the contract extension for seven years and US$213.5 million offered by the New York Yankees, Cashman declined to confirm if they have spoken with ‘Judge’ to offer you a new link. Rumors begin to put the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants as candidates to win the player with the most home runs (62) in the history of an American League season.

“I will simply reaffirm what I, the property, Aaron Boone and anyone associated with the Yankees have said. We’d love to bring Aaron Judge back. and keep him a member of this franchise and the career paths he’s currently on. It’s like the Hall of Fame. There would be nothing better than having him as a man in right field for us.” said Brian Cashman, general manager of the Yankees, in an article published by Bryan Hoch of

Aaron Judge’s ‘goodbye’ to the New York Yankees in the MLB was revealed

While’s Mark Feinsand argued that the Los Angeles Dodgers could become “serious gamers” to go for Aaron Judge, Randy Miller, of the portal, maintained that ‘Judge’ there would be picked the San Francisco Giants as the number one choice in free agency. And where is the New York Yankees? For now, a goodbye has already been given that would not be definitive.

According to information published by Bryan Hoch, from the official MLB website, Aaron Boone had a conversation with Aaron Judge once they lost Game 4 of the American League Championship Series against Houston Astros. The manager of the ‘Bronx Bombers’ hope it was just a “Goodbye for now”.

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