VIDEO: Daniela Castro wins a lawsuit against an expensive store in the US that accused her of theft

After four years of struggle, the Mexican actress was able to prove her innocence in a lawsuit against an establishment located in San Antonio, Texas.

By Megan Negrete

Los Angeles, November 5 (La Opinion).– The light at the end of the tunnel came for the Mexican actress Daniela Castro, who managed to clear his name and therefore returned to a exclusive store than in 2018 accused her of theft and for which she was arrested and even booked as if she were a dangerous criminal.

Daniela said that for nine hours she suffered the ordeal of staying in the separations accompanied by other people who laughed at her case, because they didn’t think he was innocent. However, after four long years of struggle she was able to prove her innocence that she now screams from the rooftops after being singled out by society.

In an interview for the show windowing explained that she managed to get out thanks to the bail that her husband paid Gustavo Diaz Ordaz to later file a criminal lawsuit against the store to force it to repair the moral damage what he had done to her.

As part of the protocol, after Daniela Castro was arrested for the false crime of robbery, the authorities imposed a restraining order on the establishment located in San Antonio, Texas.

However, once the judge ruled in favor of the actress, her first action was to set foot in it to make purchases like any other consumer. Through her Instagram account, she posted a video where she can be seen at the checkout paying for the items she selected.

“In life, truth and justice always come to light. -November 2, 2022- I love you! ”, It was the message that the actress wrote, which was supported by all her followers.

Castro mentioned that he went against the store, also so that they would leave their daughters alone, since they suffered bullying to the point of having to change to a school due to the constant harassment they experienced. Although she said that to date they continue to send them things of that style, they are less.

“Then this is over. An agreement was reached, an arrangement and I am happier than ever really “


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