They filter the WhatsApp message for which they vetoed Javier Hernández del Tri

Javier Hernandez / Gerardo Martino
Javier Hernandez / Gerardo Martino


Javier Hernandez is one of the great absences for the Selection mexican. Gerardo Martino has been severely criticized for not naming the LA Galaxy striker for some years now. However, the Argentine strategist had argued that Hernández’s case was due to soccer issues.

Given the calm that Martino’s version would have left, a report by David Medrano would light the fire, since the TV Azteca journalist would have made it clear that the issue of his departure from Tri would not be for soccer reasons, but that Martino would give that version to ‘take care’ of Hernández. Something that left endless stories waiting.

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Given this, Javier Hernández broke the silence to refute one of the most popular versions in which he was blamed for leaving the tricolor team due to conflicts over bonuses that the team would provide to the team. According to Hernández, he would leave said royalty chat, since he did not have in mind negotiating said premiums with Martino.

Hernández left the chat, and therefore the Tri

“I told him, about signing, ‘my money, if you want, we can distribute it to the props and young players, but I don’t want to sign this’ […] I didn’t know what happened after that, I’ve been out for three years” commented Hernández about the Tri’s royalties. Meanwhile, Martino affirms that the issue continues to be soccer.

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