The US described the municipal elections this Sunday in Nicaragua as a new farce of the Ortega regime

Brian Nichols described the municipal elections in Nicaragua as “another farce”
Brian Nichols described the municipal elections in Nicaragua as “another farce”

The main manager of United States Department of State for Latin America, brian nicholsdescribed as “another farce” the municipal elections that will be held next Sunday in Nicaragua.

“On Sunday, Nicaraguans will be denied the right to freely and fairly elect their municipal leaders,” said the Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs.

In a message sent to journalists by the press office of the US Embassy in Nicaragua, Nichols argued that “as long as the opposition leaders remain unjustly imprisoned or in exile, and their parties banned, there is no other option for the Nicaraguan people in another election farce”.

The president of the USA, Joe Bidendescribed as “pantomime” the general elections in Nicaragua a year ago, in which the dictator was re-elected Daniel Ortega with seven of his main contenders in prison and two in exile.

Rosario Murillo and Daniel Ortega
Rosario Murillo and Daniel Ortega

Nicaragua is holding municipal elections this Sunday, a process in which no surprises are expected due to the prohibition of three political parties from competing opponents and the imprisonment of the main dissidents convicted of crimes considered “treason against the fatherland”.

The removal of 755,000 citizens from the electoral register in one year and the usurpation of the identities of citizens who appear registered as candidates, including prisoners, deceased, exiled or outside politics, are the highlights in these elections that, in the opinion of the regime chaired by Sandinista Daniel Ortega, will strengthen “popular democracy.”

A total of 3,722,884 Nicaraguans over the age of 16 (out of a population of 6.6 million) are called to vote this Sunday starting at 07:00 local time (13:00 GMT) to elect the mayors, deputy mayors and councilors of the 153 municipalities of Nicaragua, according to data from the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE), which dismissed 755,450 voters in one year without explaining the reasons.

A group of 13 opposition organizations in exile described the municipal elections as a “flawed process”, considering that “they will not represent the will of the Nicaraguan people” and that Ortega’s objective is to establish “an absolute dictatorial and single-party regime.”

“Nicaragua will consolidate itself as a more totalitarian state after November 6” after an electoral process without competition, concluded, for its part, in a joint report a group of media outlets critical of the Ortega government and that have exiled its newsrooms alleging security reasons.

The excluded opposition expects a smooth process, with a greater police and “paramilitary” presence, and with little participation in the polls.

In addition to the FSLN, the Constitutionalist Liberal Party (PLC), Alliance for the Republic (APRE), Independent Liberal Party (PLI Alliance) and Yapti Tasba Masraka Nanih Asla Takanka (YATAMA) are participating in the elections.

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