The Ombudsman asks the police for “rational use”

(CNN) — The Ombudsman of Peru asked the National Police to make “rational use” of the measures against the protesters after this Saturday there were clashes between law enforcement officers and some participants in a march in Lima, which was called to protest against a political crisis in the country, according to what was said by some people who spoke with CNN, and in which slogans were shouted against the government of President Pedro Castillo.

The entity said it was asking “to make rational and strictly necessary use of tear gas, to avoid affecting the health of the people who are mobilized,” according to a message posted on Twitter.

People who oppose the government of Peruvian President Pedro Castillo hold a demonstration in Lima on November 5, 2022. Credit: ERNESTO BENAVIDES/AFP via Getty Images

In another publication, the Ombudsman also asked the agents to avoid the “use of horses in mobilizations and protests”, since their use “can affect the integrity of the people who participate in them and contravene the animal protection law.”

He added that he had commissioners in the center of the capital “supervising the development of mobilizations to guarantee people’s rights.”

Credit: ERNESTO BENAVIDES/AFP via Getty Images

On Saturday, law enforcement deployed officers on horseback and fired tear gas at protesters, prompting some of the rally participants to throw artifacts at them and confront them, a CNN crew at the scene witnessed.

Until this Saturday, no injuries were reported from the incidents and the Police had not ruled on the disturbances either.

At the beginning of the march, the Police published a message on Twitter in which they said that “peaceful protest is a right” and called for “calm and respect for the life of the citizen. The use of police means is only given, when it violates the rights of third parties, public or private property, and for acts of violence against authority”.

Credit: ERNESTO BENAVIDES/AFP via Getty Images

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