The happier a couple is, the fatter they get

Love is one of the most valued sensations. Feeling loved and accompanied is the desire of many, but also the last wish of others who prefer solitude as a companion. The latter will be in luck with the following data: several studies certify that the happier a couple is, more kilos take. So is it fat to be in love?

In 2012, one of the first investigations in this regard was published, which concluded that the longer a relationship lasted, the more kilos the woman gained. In the case of men, this risk occurred during the first two years of cohabitation.


Three years later, a report from the Spanish Society for the Study of Obesity (SEEDO) showed that falling in love was a average increase of 4.5 kilos in body weight. Analyzing the data of another investigation carried out in the United States, newly married women gained an average of 10.8 kilos in the first five years of marriage, while those who began to live together as a couple without getting married increased, on average, about 8.

If, in addition to being in a relationship or married, you are happy with this situation, the probability of gaining kilos increases: a fourth study stated that couples who declare they are satisfied with their marriage tend to increase their weight more compared to those who do not. they are so satisfied. And it is that those who exceeded four years of happy coexistence had twice the risk of becoming overweight and had gained an average of four kilos.

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But why does this happen? Most say that There is no pressure to look your best. to find a partner, to which must be added an increase in meals away from home and food delivered.

Nutritionist Pablo Zumaquero corroborates this version in his latest book On Monday I start the diet, in which he says that when we are single we take care of ourselves more and we are more concerned with the physical. “During courtship we get into peacock mode to like”, while when we are in a couple things change, habits are different and routine causes us to adjust.

It also happens that, in general conditions, there is a tuning of habitssometimes causing the member of the couple who has more insane habits to ‘infect’ the other or simply sacrifice the time spent playing sports to do other activities with the partner.

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