The fact that makes Game 5 the best game of the 2022 World Series


The Houston Astros and Philadelphia Phillies are on a bye after the game, statistically speaking, the best game of this Fall Classic. Bolavip tells you the details.

Hoskins tries to get Altuve out.
© Tim Nwachukwu/Getty ImagesHoskins tries to get Altuve out.

The 2022 World Series has so far been one of the best in recent timeswith the two teams that play it, Houston Astros Y philadelphia eaglesshowing a very high level and at the height of an event like this.

The last victory for the Astros, who stayed with Game 5. It was 3-2, thanks in part to a great game from the shortstop Jeremy Penawho was put into circulation every time he had a turn at the plate.

The game, the way it happened, produced statistics that make this game not only the best in this World Series, but also as one of the best of the 2022 Major League Baseball (MLB) season.

Houston Astros and Philadelphia Phillies star in one of the games of the year in the 2022 World Series

It seems redundant to say it in the final of the sport, but really the level shown by the Astros and Phillies in this Fall Classic is superlative, and makes the fans excited, for the first time in several seasons, with a potential Game 7.

For that, the Phillies will have to win the sixth, one that will be difficult to overcome in terms of what it meant for the series with the 5. The data that indicates this is devastating: There were 78 different plate appearances in this game, in only one did the batter not have a chance to at least tie the game (Nick Castellanos, Phillies, 8th inning).

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