The controversial play in which the arbitration favored América in the Clásico against Chivas Femenil


The duels between both squads are attracting more and more fans, where the controversy is raised in each play.


The implementation of technology in football does not mean that it is always applied properly or that there is simply justice in football and proof of it was lived last Friday on the field of the Azteca Stadium during the National Classic between Chivas Femenil and América corresponding to the Ida game of the Semifinals.

Despite the fact that the pink contest has only been in existence for five years, the rivalry between the red-and-white and the blue-creams has been constantly growing, which is why it is forbidden to lose in this type of confrontation; However, in Friday’s duel there was a play that went unnoticed by the arbitration body, despite the fact that the VAR should have intervened automatically.

In the 67th minute, the Eagles scored their third goal, which was culminated by Nicolette Hernández; however, the former professional whistle Felipe Ramos Rizo placed a repetition of the play where a clear hand of the cream-blue attacker can be seen to accommodate the ball before making her shot, a move that was not reviewed by the VAR.

The Video arbitration is experiencing its first matches in the Women’s League, since it was decided that it would be used during all Liguilla games from this Apertura 2022, although it is not yet used in regular phase games due to the high operating costs that it implies for the clubs.

When will the return match be played?

After the exciting first leg match between Chivas Femenil and América, the second match of the National Classic series on the field of the Akron Stadium It will be played next Monday, November 7 at 7:00 p.m.

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