the controversial criticism against Clara Chía Martí for her alleged visual problem

Clara Chía Martí has ​​been one of the most mentioned names in the world of entertainment as a result of the controversial separation between Shakira and Gerard Piqué.

The 23-year-old, who is currently the new girlfriend of the FC Barcelona footballer, would have been the alleged responsible for the love break between the two celebritiesaccording to several Spanish media.

From the moment the identity of the woman with whom Piqué had been unfaithful to Shakira was revealed, thousands of internet users, mainly fans of the Colombian singer, they began a campaign against Clara Chía Martí.

As a result of this situation, The 23-year-old Spanish girl has suffered endless teasing and She has been a victim of bullying on social media.

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In her most recent appearance with Gerard Piqué, Clara Chía Martí was again the target of criticism after, according to some Internet users, you could perceive a detail of the young woman that few had noticed.

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According to this theory, Piqué’s new girlfriend would have a defect in her look not being able to hold his gaze even to the FC Barcelona footballer himself, so it could be “cross-eyed”.

This detail of the young Spanish woman came to light due to the words of a user on Twitter who published that “those are the same looks that he gave Shakira, with a difference to Clara Chia you have to look at her closely because she is definitely cross-eyed or has a stray eye.”

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Criticism against Clara Chía Martí’s alleged visual problem caused controversy on social networks, as many users defended Piqué’s new girlfriend by indicating that su peculiar look is due to the fact that at all times he tries to hide his face from the paparazzi who constantly harass them.

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