Glazed Nails: How to wear Hailey Bieber-style pearlescent nails?

The model haley bieber ended up joining the nail trend of the autumn/winter season and it is that not even the celebrities can resist the nail Designglazed nails‘ which gives a sophisticated, elegant and very wintery look to the hands. Have you seen them?

Justin Bieber’s wife is characterized by imposing fashion and perfectly combining the latest trends with the elegance that characterizes her, so, definitely, the glazed nails that totally go with her style are already in everyone’s hands. Don’t be left behind! We tell you how to achieve this effect on your nails.

haley bieber
Hailey Bieber imposes fashion in nail design. Photo: IG @haileybieber

How to achieve Hailey Bieber’s frosted nails?

This glazed finish that has become a super trend in nails puts us totally in a winter mood, so if you want to be at the latest fashion, you need to get a manicure to fill your nails with shine.

The first thing you have to know is that what characterizes this style of nails is the pearly effect, which can be placed on top of the enamel color of your choice; however, the trend focuses on two basic colors: white or cream.

Glazed nails stand out for their pearly effect. Photo: IG @lea_magnetic

Also, a plus of this new trend that is sweeping TikTok and Instagram is that they look amazing on both long and short nails. Although the pearlescent effect gives them a very sophisticated effect like a professional manicure, the truth is that they are very easy to achieve. Just follow these steps:


  • Pink, lilac, cream or white base nail polish
  • primer
  • silver enamel
  • top coat
The process to achieve this design is very simple. Photo: IG @nailsbyzola

Steps to follow:

  • Clean your nails and apply a layer of primer
  • After drying, dilute a little of the base of the shade you have chosen with primer
  • Place on nails and let dry
  • Mix a bit of silver polish with the primer to dilute the silver until it just shows as a reflection
The most popular base is white enamel. Photo: IG @nailsbyzola
  • Paint your nails and let dry
  • Apply a top coat to protect the enamel and speed up drying

Dare to try this new style and put your hands on trend with your own winter design of glazed nails.

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