Conor McGregor changed his look: he removed his beard

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The Show it’s part of your essenceregardless of meaning or modality. conor mcgregorwho was a star in the mmain the most important circuit of the discipline, the UFCbeing even Champion in different categoriessimultaneously, today with each other but not in the octagons, decided surprise the world again.

Normally immersed in controversy, now he chose to give it a overturn to its lookthen from tough guy with long beard Y reddish hairsis now one shaved off and with very serious face. It seems that they put it in another mold.

In social networks, he was in charge of making public knowledge the luxurious life he leadsafter the large amounts he has pocketed for his fightingbut also in his facet of entrepreneurand now he surprised with his unique appearance.

In recent days, he announced that he is already a beardless mansomething that has caused a stir among fans, as some assume that this change is due to the filming of the movie El Durowho is carrying out next to the actor Jake Gyllenhaal.

Other hypothesis is that of those who think that this radical makeover is due to its tan expected return to UFC. We will have to wait.

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