Astros Championship caused the largest profit in a sports gameHalftime

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The Houston Astros conquered the 2022 World Series after beating the

Philadelphia Phillies in Game 6, but they weren’t the only winners, as the well-known Mattress Mack charged the highest profit on a sports bet.

Jim McIngvaleknown as Mattress Mackcharged a profit of 75 million dollars after he bet 10 million that the stars they would win the World Serieswhich just happened this Saturday.

Early in the season he bet 4 million that the Astros won the World Series in two bookmakers (3 million plus one million). While in July he bet 6 million more, one of them being the one that will have to pay him 30 million dollars of the 75 million.

​However, all the money you wagered McIngvale does not go into his pockets, since he owns a furniture retail chain for the home, since it usually puts a promotion called “If the Astros win, you win”, using the stakes.

So now that he won the ninth of houstonanyone who spent three thousand dollars or more on their chain Gallery Furniture you can ask for a refund for what you bought and keep the purchased producer.

Mattress Mack He threw the first ball this Saturday before the game in the Minute Maid Park with 4-1 on the board, to put the series 4-2 against Phillies.

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