Alicia Machado remembers her relationship with Ricardo Arjona

A Alicia Machado he has done well in love. This was shared by the former Miss Universe herself to the host Yordi Rosado during an interview that he recently conducted for her YouTube channel.

“I feel lucky in my life, I have had men who have loved me very much and so have I,” Machado said during the pleasant conversation, while assuring that he remembers each of his ex-partners with great affection.

In his list of examores are names of great music. One of them is Luis Miguel, with whom she had an affair when she was barely 19 years old and the Sun of Mexico was 26. In the words of the also actress, the relationship did not last long due to their busy work schedules, although she remembers him as a respectful man. and chivalrous.

Another artist with whom he had an affair was Ricardo Arjona. However, he speaks little about that relationship, since the Guatemalan is annoyed that he reveals details about the years they spent together. “He doesn’t like me to say it,” was the actress’s response when Rosado asked her about the courtship she had with the interpreter of “Lady of the four decades.”

Their secret romance was not a passing thing. She lasted about eight years, according to the former beauty queen. Various media assure that the musician even dedicated some of her songs to her. “Nude” and “Santo Pecado” are two of them.

Although the Venezuelan did not go into details about the romance, she hinted that not everything was rosy, since it was an intermittent relationship that, after coming to an end, completely distanced them.

As reported by Hola! magazine, Arjona has always denied that there was a relationship between the two. In fact, every time he is asked about Machado, he assures that they were just very good friends and that he prefers to avoid the subject.

The reason would have to do with the fact that at the time they were together, the native of Guatemala was still married to Leslie Torres, whom he officially divorced in 2009.

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