The ‘disgusting’ job that nobody wants to do in the United States for which they pay up to 5 million pesos per day

When embarking on a route abroad, uncertainty is focused on the possibility of getting a job and how long the process will take. Some of them have already planned the work issue before leaving, but others hope that “luck” will be with them and get a place with the expected remuneration.

In the case of the United States, there are several migrants who seek to achieve the long-awaited “American dream”, even when they are clear that the functions may be very different from those of their country of origin. However, there are those who, being US residents, decide to consider other options that represent higher incomes.

Spencer Claeys, who lives in Seattle (city in Washington), shared with his followers on TikTok the way he found to earn up to 1,000 dollars a day, by doing a job that may not be pleasant for everyone. This man claims he gets paid up to $200 to clean the roofs and gutters of those who “don’t want to do it themselves.”

For him it has been the simplest and fastest way to earn money, because by deciding to dedicate his full time he can clean several homes a day. According to him, each process does not take more than an hour until everything is completely ready.

Few hours of work?

“I have a neighborhood that I am going to do next week as an example. I am doing 4 houses in one day. I’m going to make at least a thousand dollars just for a few hours cleaning gutters. You must get involved in this (…) mainly autumn is one of the best moments, ”says the young man in one of his publications.

“A lot of people don’t believe me when I say you can make $100 to $200 an hour cleaning roofs and gutters (…). The truth is, you can earn even more than that if you price the job well and do it quickly.” Claeys affirms that he used to dedicate his life to modeling, but now this has become his main source of income.

“The best reason is simple: people don’t want to do it for themselves (…). They could, but there are literally countless examples of things that people could do but don’t want to.” For him “this is what it is and does a business. A business just makes someone’s life more convenient.” TheSun.

Response to criticism

Claeys has met the criticism of those who believe that it is a lie to earn that value for cleaning, for example, the ceilings. The young man took advantage of his TikTok account to respond and take as a reference some comments in which he was pointed out as having no experience in these trades or that he needs special permits. “I have to love the internet, I have some amazing feedback,” he says.

“It’s easy, look, I’m cleaning gutters, you know it’s very simple. You’re just cleaning gutters, but you’re providing a service, it really doesn’t matter what you do, whether it’s changing the oil, doing the dishes, making coffee, most jobs are easy (…) you can charge what you want” , he adds.

This is not the only case that can be particular in terms of work. The Sun compiles the story of another man who affirms that he earned almost 40 million Colombian pesos (at current exchange rates) when he was only 15 years old, while recycling.

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