Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramirez vs. Dmitry Bivol, results and highlights: spectacular triumph of the Russian champion in the fight for the WBA light heavyweight title

The long-awaited day has come Gilbert “The left handed” Ramirez: The Mexican boxer has his big chance today in Abu Dhabi when he faces the Russian Dmitry Bivol for him WBA light heavyweight world championship.

Ramírez, with a record of 44-0-0 with 30 KOscollides with the champion, another undefeated 20-0-0 with 11 KOs that in his last presentation defeated Canelo Álvarez himself. For the Mexican, who was already a super middleweight world champion, the best opportunity of his career is presented: he has been reproached that at 31 years of age he has not yet won a victory against a star, but a victory over Bivol would put him in that flat.

Bivol dominates the light heavyweight scene and he only has to stop two other undefeated who are around the division: one is Ramírez and the other is Artur Beterbiev, the IBF, WBO and WBC champion. Can there be a fight to determine an undisputed champion in 2023? Bivol needs to win today to have that chance.

Next, The Sporting News presents all the results of the evening, the highlights and live comments of Ramírez vs. bivol.

Zurdo Ramirez vs. Dmitry Bivol: results and highlights of the fight and the rest of the card

The victory of Dmitry Bivol is now official. The judges gave cards of 118-110 and 117-111 for Dmitry Bivol, WBA light heavyweight world champion.

Unofficial SN card: 10-9 Bivol (119-109 Bivol).

Round 12: Even in the last round it was Bivol who hurt the most, taking advantage of each and every mistake by Ramírez, slow to react when exposed. With a minute to go Bivol landed several hands in a row and Ramírez seemed in trouble, resisting as best he could. He held Lefty until the cards, but the victory will go to Dmitry Bivol.

Unofficial SN card: 10-9 Bivol (109-100 Bivol).

Round 11: Even counterattacking from the ropes, Bivol punishes Ramírez, in what continues to be a great demonstration by the champion against a frustrated rival, who cannot find a way to make the Russian uncomfortable.

Unofficial SN card: 10-9 Ramirez (99-91 Bivol).

Round 10: This time Bivol rested and Ramírez finally takes the assault, just for proposing a little more against a rival who already feels that he has his job done.

Unofficial SN card: 10-9 Bivol (90-81 Bivol).

Round 9: Ramírez controlled this round due to Bivol’s passivity, until the Russian took out the shrapnel in the final minute and connected combinations that had no response in front of him. The display of world champion talent is total.

Unofficial SN card: 10-9 Bivol (80-72 Bivol).

Round 8: Ramírez can’t let go of his left hand and without that there is no way to victory for him, against a Bivol who is increasingly confident to go out and attack and does so clearly.

Unofficial SN card: 10-9 Bivol (70-63 Bivol).

Round 7: Bivol came out to attack a little more, coming in with two hard shots and putting Ramirez at risk, who came out with body shots. In the end, the Russian ended up again attacking a Ramírez who can barely connect a few blows to the soft zones. The domain of the champion is total.

Unofficial SN card: 10-9 Bivol (60-54 Bivol).

Round 6: Bivol’s speed makes the difference in combat against a Ramírez who cannot resist the champion’s blows, even if Bivol’s blows are not as powerful.

Unofficial SN card: 10-9 Bivol (50-45 Bivol).

Round 5: Another round for Bivol, sticking to his plan and with a very clean job, letting go of his right hand.

Unofficial SN card: 10-9 Bivol (40-36 Bivol).

Round 4: Bivol took Zurdo against the ropes at the beginning after a great right hand, then the Mexican was asked to maintain a high volume of blows but that already seems to be getting complicated for him. The Russian gets into the short distance and there he makes the challenger suffer.

Unofficial SN card: 10-9 Bivol (30-27 Bivol).

Round 3: Bivol looked better in this round, with a variety of punches and feints. Third round that the champion takes.

Unofficial SN card: 10-9 Bivol (20-18 Bivol).

Round 2: Again Bivol arrived in greater numbers and continued to work with the jab, although Ramírez once again had his moment with clean punches. The Mexican seeks to take advantage of his range, greater than that of the Russian.

Unofficial SN card: 10-9 Bivol (10-9 Bivol).

Round 1: Interesting assault, with little or no study: the two went out to burn blows, more than anything Ramírez who managed to connect Bivol upstairs, although the Russian was the one with the best hands with his straight blows.

The fight started.

Bivol also makes his way to the ring.

Zurdo Ramírez enters the ring.

The moment of the most awaited fight is approaching. All the preliminary fights are behind us and now we just have to wait for Bivol and Ramírez in the ring.

Chantelle Cameron, the undisputed super lightweight champion. The 31-year-old English boxer became the best in her division worldwide by defeating Jessica McCaskill by unanimous decision, with cards of 97-93, 96-94 and 96-94. Cameron looked much more technically solid against a McCaskill who had not fought in this division three years ago and was not the usual wonder that destroys her rivals in welterweight. Record of 17-0-0 for the champion.

Women’s shift in Abu Dhabi. England’s Chantelle Cameron and American (of Mexican father) Jessica McCaskill next meet for the undisputed super lightweight championship, in the co-main event.

TKO win for Shavkatdzhon Rakhimov! The Tajik knocked down Zelfa Barrett twice in the ninth round and the referee decided that the Englishman could not continue. Great victory for Rakhimov to be crowned world champion for the first time: he now has a record of 17-0-1 with 14 KOs.

A more even fight, still without someone inclined to victory. We have reached the championship rounds and there is still no one totally outlined for the victory between Barrett and Rakhimov: the Asian recovered after his fall and, with more activity than the Englishman, has probably won several rounds, although the fall marks an advantage on Barrett’s side.

Barrett prevails in the first rounds. The Englishman landed a good uppercut that sent Rakhimov to the canvas during the third round. Will the undefeated Asian come to an end?

World title action begins in Abu Dhabi: Tajik Shavkatdzhon Rakhimov faces England’s Zelfa Barrett for the vacant IBF super featherweight crown.

Two wins for the Yafai brothers: first the experienced Kal defeated Jerald Pacler by unanimous decision (96-93, 96-93 and 95-94) on the cards despite having fallen to the canvas and then the Olympic champion Galal Yafai won, in his third fight as a professional , to the Mexican Gohan Rodríguez by split decision (96-94, 94-96 and 96-95) to retain the WBC international flyweight title.

Thus came the Left handed Ramírez, ready for his big challenge.

Enticing foreplay action: Jerald Paclar sends Kal Yafai to the canvas.

Anthony Joshua he is in Arab lands and will not miss the evening.

1:30 p.m. ET Bivol is the man who defeated Saul Cinnamon Álvarez in May and has another Mexican problem to solve tonight in the form of the burly Left handed Ramírez, the former WBO super middleweight champion who boasts a record of 44-0 with 30 KOs.

There are also two big world title bouts on the card, with reigning WBC and IBF super lightweight champion Chantelle Cameron taking on American star Jessica McCaskill in a bid to become undisputed at 140lbs. . Before that, Shavkat Rakhimov, trained by Freddie Roach, and Manchester’s Zelfa Barrett will fight for the vacant IBF super featherweight crown. Joe Cordina, who was stripped of the crown after suffering a broken hand, has signed on to face the winner.

Welcome to the Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, where there will be an excellent boxing evening with several world titles at stake and the fight between Bivol and Ramírez will close the night.

The complete card of Zurdo Ramírez vs. Dmitry Bivol

  • Dmitry Bivol (c) defeated Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramírez by unanimous decision for the WBA light heavyweight title
  • Chantelle Cameron (c) defeated Jessica McCaskill (c) by unanimous decision for the IBF, WBO, WBC and WBA super lightweight titles
  • Shavkatdzhon Rakhimov defeated Zelfa Barrett by technical knockout for the IBF super featherweight title (vacant)
  • Galal Yafai defeated Gohan Rodríguez García by split decision for the WBC international flyweight title
  • Khalid Yafai defeated Jerald Paclar by unanimous decision; bantamweight.

What television channel does Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramírez vs. Dmitry Bivol? Where and how to watch the fight on TV and online streaming

The fight between Gilbert “Left handed” Ramirez and Dmitry Bivol will be televised by DAZN streaming platform in practically the whole world, including Mexico, the United States, Argentina and Spain. ANDn Latin America can also be seen by ESPN and Star+while also in Mexico will go on TV in Aztec 7 and by streaming on, but delayed at 10:00 p.m.

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