Alexandra Fuentes is ready for her first marathon

The host Alexandra Fuentes He is hours away from fulfilling a personal goal for which he has been preparing for the past few months: his first marathon.

Fuentes is in the Big Apple with her husband David Bernier and their children Miranda and Adrián to run tomorrow, Sunday, the 26.2 miles that correspond to the traditional New York marathon, where thousands of athletes participate.

The cheerleader of Telemundo’s “Alexandra at 12” program had never participated in a marathon in her 44 years. She previously ran the half marathon of San Blas in Coamo and the 10K of Teodoro Moscoso. According to her, her relationship with sports before running was limited “making noise in the stands in favor of the school teams was my specialty”.

The also producer adopted running training almost two years ago to her daily routine. Fuentes went from being an amateur to becoming an athlete thanks to training from the “Freddy’s Runners” group of trainer Sigfredo “Freddy” Rodríguez and strengthening exercises in the gym.

In an interview published in February in this medium, a few weeks after the Teodoro Moscos 10k event, Fuentes revealed that running “I found it boring, repetitive, tiring, I went up to 3 miles and stayed there” until he met the group with this group ” Freddy’s Runners” which was a great motivation. So much so that in a matter of hours he will be able to cross the grand finish line of the New York marathon.

The singer of the orchestra “La Misma” expressed today part of the emotions he experiences from New York in a message published on his social networks in which he thanks each of the people who have been part of his dream.

Here I am, just hours away from starting my first marathon at age 44. I was never an outstanding athlete or anything like that. Making noise in the stands for the school teams was my specialty. Nothing much has changed, except that this time I set a goal for myself and committed to achieving it. The sacrifice has been a lot, but I have enjoyed the process. In addition, I have cultivated good friends who are now part of my family. It is not a simple race, it is a goal close to being fulfilled, that is why it has so much meaning. The value of things depends on the effort we put into achieving it and it has not been a little hard to prepare myself to be able to cross the finish line, this coming Sunday at the New York marathon”, Fuentes wrote at the beginning of his message.

The production company that recently took “Los García” to the theater for the first time in memory of the television program created by the deceased Tommy Muniz, is part of the group of Puerto Rican athletes registered in the sporting event. Everyone who participates in a marathon must train for weeks and months in order to have the physical condition that the extensive race requires.

“Many early mornings, fatigue and even tears when on the final route the pain threatened to frustrate my dreams. But God knew that my cause was much more than a race and he put his hand to heal me, giving me the opportunity to continue on my path. Impossible to have come this far without the help of people who believed in me and accompanied me on this adventure. For this reason, I want to dedicate a part of the marathon to each one of them. I want to dedicate the output to my parents and siblings. Without them none of the experience would have been possible. Thank you for so much love! ”, Added the presenter in the message in which she detailed to whom she dedicates the route.

“Crazy that they give the starting signal and know if my legs achieve what my heart longs for: finish my first marathon. Amen!” he concluded in his writing.

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