Santiago Giménez’s statistic that puts him ahead of Haaland

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Santiago Gimenez he scored again with Feyenoord to give him the 1-0 win against Lazio, which puts his club in the Round of 16 of the Europa Leagueand that personally helps you stay among the top scorersalready with four goals.

That annotation, made a minute after entering the exchange, helped the Mexican achieve an important statistic that puts him ahead of the likes of Erling Haaland and that corresponds to the average number of minutes they need to scoresince only requires 43, while Norwegian requires 50.

This statistic was shared by the Twitter account @OptaJohan, where it is detailed that only the players with more than three goals who have participated in this season in Champions League, Europa League or Conference League.

Until now, the Mexican naturalized artilleryman He has played 172 minutes in the European championshipwithout having completed any game and only one as a starter against Midtjylland.

For now, the Cruz Azul youth squad appears in first place in the Europa League scorers table with four annotationsthough tied with Vítor OliveiraBraga player.

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