Torrado moves away from Cruz Azul. Palencia, close to returning to the Machine?

The appointment of the new sports director It is an issue that takes on urgency in the institution light blue

Gerardo Torrado, candidate to take over the sports management of Cruz Azul
© imago7Gerardo Torrado, candidate to take over the sports management of Cruz Azul

After the elimination of Cruz Azul from Liga MXattention is focused on the preparation of the new project of the Machine for the Closure 2023. And in this context, after confirming the continuity of Raúl Gutiérrez in the technical direction of the teamthere is an issue that takes on an urgent character: the appointment of the new sports director.

On this subject, it has been said that the Cruz Azul sports management will be vacant; It is an open secret that Carlos López de Silanes will not receive the vote of confidence of the directive cement plant to prolong his term. And in that context, in the last few years he transcended the name of two candidates to take the position: Francis Palencia Y Gerardo Torrado.

The pair of possible candidates to reach the sports management of Cruz Azul It was announced by Fabrizio Domínguez, a reporter for W Deportes and a specialist in coverage of the draw cement. Furthermore, in his social media post -which accompanies with images of Palencia Y Roastedtwo personalities with marked antecedents celestial– leaves open the possibility official announcement would be close to happening.

Nevertheless, the choice of those two applicants seems to be reduced. And it is that the Leon LecandaESPN reporter and head of the Blue Cross coverage for his environment, he pointed out that Gerardo Torrado is not an option to reach the Machine.

Lecanda, who also ruled out the arrival of Ricardo Peláezdid not dare to pronounce the man of the new sports directorbecause he acknowledged that he still does not know with absolute certainty. “When I have it confirmed, I’ll release it”sentenced the journalist.

The thorny issue of appointment of the new sports director It will be a constant in the coming days. And although an important step has been taken in the continuity of Raúl Gutiérrez as a technician Blue CrossDirective cement plantheaded by Víctor Velázquez , has an urgent mission to solve.

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