These are the exotic animals that King Carlos III inherited from Queen Elizabeth

One of the biggest questions raised on social networks when the death of Queen Elizabeth II was known was: What will happen to all her animals? It is known that the monarch was a great fan of animals and that she not only had dogs and horses, but in her castles she also had exotic animals.

Who inherited all the responsibility of keeping these animals alive and in perfect condition was his son, the actor King Carlos III. The new monarch must not only reign, but will also have to ensure the welfare of the animals of Queen Elizabeth II.

What animals did Queen Elizabeth II keep?

The monarch was a fan of Corgi breed dogs, even on many occasions we saw her pose in front of the camera with her dogs. The last two puppies of Queen Elizabeth II were in the care of Prince Andrew and his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson.

Elizabeth II also owned many horses, as she bred and trained them for competition. All of them passed into the hands of King Carlos III. The new monarch will also have to take care of 32,000 Thames swans (which are counted every year), whales, dolphins and sturgeon fish.

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What other things did King Carlos III inherit?

King Charles III also inherited from his mother expensive works of art from her mother’s private collection, jewelry (many of which passed directly to Camilla Parker, the Queen Consort), cars, historical documents, palaces, among other valuables.

Photo: Royal Family website

The new monarch also owns the historic cricket ground known as “The Oval”, farmland in the south of England, properties near the sea, offices in London, and a suburban supermarket warehouse. Undoubtedly King Carlos III has many concerns to deal with, nobody said that reigning was “something easy”.


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