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The Mexican has been unfair with Hugo Sánchez. That’s the perspective of Christian Martinoliwho classifies the Pentapichichi as “the great God” of this country in terms of soccer, but with whom the fans have been somewhat “ungrateful” by not recognizing his successes, this because in his World Cups as a player they believed that he alone was going to win the Cup.

In an interview with his partner from TV Azteca, Enrique Garay, the famous soccer narrator assured that Hugo Sánchez should be paid tribute like Maradona in Argentinaequating the greatness of both for their respective countries in soccer, although the late Pelusa is venerated as God in that country and many make the Penta ugly here.

“You can be a winner at club level, but you also have to be successful in the National Team. Hugo was destroyed for that, but there are many people who sadly do not know who Hugo Sánchez is. For me and without being ‘Huguista’, Hugo Sánchez in Mexico would have to be like Maradona for the Argentines, that man was out of series, enormous. Hugo Sánchez, as a footballer, was a fucking GodMartinoli said.

“In Selection he lacked chest do, he says that because they made him the bed, that they did not understand him. Others said that Hugo in Selection was very conceited and that is why it did not work. If Hugo Sánchez is criticized, how the hell am I not going to be able to criticize all the other footballers because they allege to me that they win the Dutch Cup and I don’t know what kind of tournaments, please”.

What Martinoli does not like about the programs on TV Azteca

There is a perception among soccer fans that the offer on open television is getting worse and worse in terms of sports content in the World Cups, giving space to topics that are not strictly related to the field, but the business model demands it, although Martinoli dislikes that on TV Azteca they prefer magazine programs to sports.

“If in the World Cup, for national open television, we start talking about tactics for an hour, people change the channel. I don’t share it, I hate those kinds of magazine program formats with gastronomy, comedy, culture, even shows, but it is what we have to do and I understand it because it is what the public consumes,” he said.

What is the best and worst thing about covering a World Cup?

about to live his seventh World Cup in person, Christian Martinoli He said he was “blessed” for having a job that thousands dream of, although there is a mistaken perception that journalists who go to a World Cup “have a blast” getting to know the country, since the working hours are strenuous.

“The best thing is to get to know a different country, you go to places you probably never thought of going. The worst thing is that you don’t sleepyou run into people and they don’t understand that you’re not going on vacation, you can’t disrespect them but Since they don’t see you having a riot with them, they call you a sucker“, said.

I understand that it is a privilegeIt’s something aspirational They pay you to go to the World Cup, the NBA Finals, the Super Bowl, the Olympic Gamesto all those events where people spend too much money, we are definitely privileged”.

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