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The failure of Tigres in the Liguilla It has given much to talk about. Eliminated by Pachuca in the quarterfinals despite having one of the most economically powerful squads in Liga MX, the felines fell far short of the goal, a situation taken advantage of by Christian Martinoli to leave a “recadito” that would be addressed to Miguel Herrera.

This Martinoli said on Twitter

With a rough past between these two characters, Martinoli affirmed “How they miss Ferretti”in allusion to the early farewell of the Tigres del Piojo in the Liguilla, this being the third tournament in which the Mexican coach has not managed to take the Auriazules even to the Final.

Opinions were divided, as Some UANL fans demand Herrera’s departure for the results under his mandate, while others say that they prefer to continue with Piojo on the bench to return to the “worn formula” of Tuca Ferretti, without forgetting that he guided them to their golden age.

Why did Martinoli and the Piojo fight?

It is not surprising that the famous narrator of TV Azteca throws a “buscapié” at the strategist, since the past between the two is stormydating from the years in which Herrera Aguirre was in charge of the Mexican National Team.

At an airport in the United States in 2015, Miguel Herrera and his daughter Mishelle staged an altercation against Martinoliwho was attacked before taking a flight back to Mexico, also involving Luis García, Christian’s narration partner.

This incident cost Piojo his job in the Tricoloralthough the helmsman defended himself by claiming that Martinoli had messed with his daughter in some criticism, something that the Azteca Deportes reporter has categorically denied since then.

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