William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez shared together at a party and a family photo is filtered

The actress Elizabeth Gutiérrez and William Levy ended the love relationship they had a few months ago, and from that moment they made the determination to take everything with caution to avoid saying things that really did not happen between them.

After some time has passed, The parents of Christopher, 16, and Kailey, 12, were seen at a party sharing in Miami last weekend, which for many caught their attention, because they preferred not to be seen close.

Nevertheless, none of the well-known personalities from the world of entertainment shared images of what was the celebration to which they decided to go. However, a family photo was still leaked, due to a photographer who wanted to capture the moment, it is about López Falcón.

In turn, the portraitist shared it on his personal Instagram account, while writing: “Having fun at the party of 15”. Also, They were uploaded in ‘Reels’ format, although, only William, Kailey and Elizabeth can be seen.

Gutiérrez recently offered an interview to ‘Sit whoever can’, where he spoke for the first time about the end of his relationship with the father of his children. In addition, she explained that on several occasions she has had to see news that is taken out of context, considering that only they know what happened.

“Yes, I have had a lot to read headlines that have nothing to do with what I am experiencing. What I talk about with him (William Levy) will always stay there. And it’s not that I don’t speak because I don’t have anything to say, I have a lot to say, but it’s not my style. My style is really to fix my things within my four walls“said the actress.

Levy’s ex-partner wanted to clarify that it is much easier for her to lead her personal life as private as possible, taking into account that there will always be things that get out of hand, since she is a public figure. She, in turn, stressed that she is closed to all those who have any kind of bad intentions.

I think we are already with so many looks on us that I don’t even want to open a little hole to give that entrance to insult, to ask, to send bad vibes“, he added.

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