Víctor Santiago, Jacky Fontánez and Red Shadow join “Day by Day”

A new era begins on Telemundo’s Día a Día program

In the battle to monopolize the afternoon rating, the production of the space that is broadcast from Monday to Friday from 12:55 pm to 4:00 pm, bets on new talents. Starting this afternoon, the singer and entertainer Víctor Santiago joins the team, led by Raymond Arrieta.

“Super happy to be here. I join a group of people who have been together for many years, but at the same time I feel calm, because we know each other outside the work area. We are happy, grateful to Telemundo, to Tony Mojena and the entire production for this opportunity, and we are going to give it a go, “said Santiago after the welcome they gave to the program.

The joy of the moment was framed by a lot of emotion after the broadcast of several videos, including the artist’s career, as well as messages from his family, including his wife, the cheerleader Yizette Cifredo, and their daughter, Eva.

“My darling, you have everything you need and more. Your energy, your joy and all your talents are contagious and add up in all the spaces where you are. I am sure that this will be a stage of much evolution and growth in your career. You girls are so proud of you! We love you very much, great and rich ”, Yizette published on her social networks once the arrival of her husband was made official.

The blessing was also given by his in-laws, María Hernández and Alfredo Cifredo, who surprised Santiago in the studio.

“Victor for us is a son because since I met him I adopted him as my son. We are extremely proud of him as an actor, as a singer, as a father, as a husband and as a son-in-law… He knows that we love him a lot, that he is part of our family, that from the first moment he belongs to us,” said Doña María, provoking the tears of the also singer.

It is this family warmth that Arrieta highlights exists in the program and that weighed when selecting Víctor. ”Before the program begins, we are all praying with Dagmar and we are commenting that we spend much more time here, in this studio, with the ‘Day by Day’ family than in our own homes. And we need a partner like Victor, who was an essential part of this family. We are very happy”.

With the same emotion, and after a false start last Friday when he said goodbye to his colleagues from “Day by day”, was the reception to JD.

Despite not being new to the team, the entertainer was unable to hold back tears after seeing messages from family and friends, as well as receiving a visit from his wife and children.

This afternoon they formally welcomed the new talents.
This afternoon they formally welcomed the new talents. (Supplied)

They sit at the table

To complete the corillo -also made up of Gil Marie López, Carlitos Ramírez, chef Noelián Ortiz, journalist and analyst Luis Enrique Falú, and Sylvia Hernández-, will be Jacky Fontánez, Red Shadow and Georgie as part of the “La mesa Social TV” section commenting on different news.

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