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We are the result of our decisions, for better and for worse. And for Falcao that means he was able to play on his dream team but he didn’t do it largely by his own volition.

‘El Tigre’ gave his agent, Jorge Mendes, a blank check that was his career and, although he was right to take him to Porto and Atlético de Madrid, where he was crowned Europa League champion and historic striker, he could have committed a enormous injustice with his pupil.

The revelation was made by ESPN journalist Roberto Antolín, who said something that the samarium probably always knew but did not contradict out of pure loyalty.

The journalist said that for Florentino Pérez he was “a great player”, which meant that he was in the orbit of Real Madrid, nothing less than Falcao’s lifelong dream.

But watch what happened: “Mendes earned an important commission for taking him to Monaco,” Antolin said. But the negotiation changed course: “before he went to Monaco, Real Madrid, Barcelona and the best teams in Europe wanted him, he even had everything arranged to be a merengue player”.

And then, if everything was arranged, what happened? “Mendes earned a large commission for taking him to Monaco,” the source said.

Falcao arrived in Monaco in the 2016-17 season, was champion and reached the semi-finals of the Champions League, which makes it very clear that he had everything to be a ‘merengue’. But it was not because of a Mendes who privileged his personal interest in sports.

What story would be told today? Nobody knows. The obvious thing is that the Portuguese has obviously affected the career of the samarium and even that of James, taking them both to destinations where he could receive juicy commissions. The super agent who has also made Cristiano Ronaldo wander, is again in the eye of the hurricane.

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