They finish David Faitelson for defending the manager of Julio Urías in the Los Angeles Dodgers


After the elimination of the MLB Playoffs 2022, David Faitelson defended Dave Roberts, manager of Julio Urías in the Los Angeles Dodgers, and they finished him on social media.

David Faitelson, Julio Urias and Dave Roberts
© Twitter / @Faitelson_ESPN and Getty ImagesDavid Faitelson, Julio Urias and Dave Roberts

The failure of Los Angeles Dodgers in the MLB Playoffs 2022 went beyond the world of the Major Leagues, knocked on the door of social networks and reached the opinion of the renowned journalist from ESPN, David Faitelson. Contrary to the common denominator, he defended Dave Robertsthe manager of Julius Uriah.

However, the argument that Faitelson used to defend Roberts had an error, it can happen to anyone, and social networks did not forgive him. The Dodgers lost three straight games, won just one, and were eliminated against San Diego Padres in the 2022 MLB Playoffs Divisional Series.

After being the team with the most wins in the regular season by winning 111 games, it was a record in team history, the Los Angeles Dodgers rested in the wild card round and after win nine straight series against the Padres they were the favorites in this National League Division Series. What happened?

Dave Roberts was one of the most noted Los Angeles Dodgers elimination by not giving confidence to any of his starting pitchers in the four games against the San Diego Padres. Although each case was different, no pitcher appeared beyond the fifth inning despite the fact that both Julio Urías in Game 1 and Tyler Anderson in Game 4 looked dominant and with gas in the tank.

They finish Faitelson for defending Urías’ manager in the Dodgers

“The ‘fault’ is always with the manager, but Dave Roberts’ decisions also led the Dodgers to win 107 games in the regular season… Dodgers, it’s true, this one to win the World Series…”, David Faitelson wrote after the elimination of Julio Urías and the Los Angeles Dodgers from the 2022 MLB Postseason. But… Oops! There was an error in the number of victories that the Mexican journalist gave the Los Angeles team and they did not forgive him on Twitter.

“If you don’t even know how many games they won, you have no right to talk about the feelings of the Dodgers fans, no one but us knows Roberts’ bad decisions throughout the season and not just coming to want to talk in the postseason,” Daniel wrote. Hernández on Twitter as a critic of David Faitelson’s comment.

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