The changes that Fernando Ortiz is preparing at Club América for the first leg of the Semifinals

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Without a doubt, the team Ferdinand Ortiz It has been considered because at different times it has presented changes in its line-up, this in order to make up for some casualties that have occurred in the tournament and, of course, to achieve the results that are expected for the America clubso in the duel before Toluca will not be the exception.

As seen on the return leg PueblaTano decided to put an alternate team, since players who had few minutes throughout the tournament had been as starters, although the result was also as expected, because on the field of play their elements managed to get a quality marker, but the opportunities would not be forever.

The changes of America to face Toluca

The strategist already has a base squad that would be precisely the one that would come out against Toluca, because it is a merely offensive team and requires the same for his team. This time louis sources would return to the starting lineup on the left wing instead of savior kings; Richard Sanchez would reappear for Peter Aquinas Y Alexander Zendejas by Miguel Layun.

But they would not be the only ones, but they would also be back jonathan rodriguezwho was replaced in the last duel by brian rodriguez and finally get back Diego Valdes who in the last game was not a starter, leaving Roger Martinez. These would finally be the modifications that will be presented this Wednesday in the Nemesio Diez.

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