Raphy Pina answers Don Omar and the reggaeton player prepares to offer new statements

Every day the producer Rafael “Raphy” Pina and the urban exponent Don Omar publicly reveal the controversy they have been involved in since they broke their close working relationship more than seven years ago, which extended to a bond of compadres and friends. The struggle between the two seems to have no end.

Two weeks after Willam Omar Landrón, first name of the reggaeton player, was revived the controversy between the two with their statements to the Panamanian influencer and broadcaster Rodney Sebastian Clark Donalds, known as “The Chombo”, the producer Pina answered the urban artist. Pineapple meets a sentence of three years and five months in prison for violations of the federal weapons law in Butner Federal Prison in North Carolina.

Don Omar first gave his version of the reasons why he did not continue the “Kingdom” tour with daddy yankee in the United States under the production of Pina and spoke directly to his former manager during the interview.

Yesterday morning, Monday, Pina made a post on her social networks to let it be known that she produced a video in which she responded to the “Pobre Diabla” interpreter and offered her version of what happened on the “Kingdom” tour and the break with Don Omar. The producer released a video posted on his YouTube channel last night under the series “Who is Raphy Pina?”

In the rapper’s interview with “The Chombo”, He implied that Pina, despite being his career manager, had a greater deference and preference towards Daddy Yankee and that the reason for his withdrawal from the tour was due to a possible sabotage by the production of the show, supposedly turning off the main console at a concert in Las Vegas. Don Omar left the performance and did not complete the tour.

“Of all your accusations, the ONLY one that I consider accepted is that of “MOUTHBOY”, and since you say that you know me, perhaps, but no more than I know you, I knew that how is your modus operandi within your Mind you, you were going to wait for the perfect moment, to intentionally ill-intentionally distract from the resounding and dignified success that surrounds DADDY YANKEE in his retirement, and that his accomplice is behind bars, he could not speak or defend himself from the Fanciful accusations that you have just to distribute. I don’t live by having fans to defend me, NO I DO NOT, I have something better than that better than that and that doesn’t exist in your world, I have a FAMILY and lately it has gotten bigger YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN with that of course, allow me to say that I already had all the answers ready, as if I had heard yours, yes, because I know that it is not easy to make mistakes and show your face, RIGHT? from YouTube.

“I only wait a little while to return to my happiness, because I have a WHOLE perfect life ahead of me with the favor of GOD; you have to confess to HIM so that you leave the GRAY cloud that surrounds you and walk in the SUN”, added the producer and partner of Natti Natasha.

What Pina replied in the video

The artistic producer and father of four children He recorded a video sitting inside the prison where he presented his version from the conception of the idea of ​​holding the concert “Kingdom” that was successfully presented in three performances at the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum of Puerto Rico.

Don Omar pointed out in the interview that the idea and creation of the original concept was his own and that this original idea was conceived in 2013 and it was not possible to carry it out until 2015, but under a new concept with Daddy Yankee. Pina maintained that the idea of ​​the concert and the promotions belonged to both of them.

The producer said that it was he who approached Daddy Yankee and that the reggaeton singer’s acceptance was equal parts.

In the production made by Pina, unpublished footage of the process is exhibited before the show and at the performances.

Pina assured that Daddy Yankee rented the Mario Quijote Morales Coliseum for a month, which is true, for his preparation for the two rounds that he had on stage, while Don Omar only “rehearsed days before”. He stated that the “Big Boss” performance was superior overall.

Pina clarified that she never had access to Daddy Yankee’s work and rehearsals, since her employment relationship was with Don Omar and that represented a conflict of interest. In fact, the producer stated that the conversations with the voice of “Gasolina” occurred only in the corridors of the coliseum or when something happened unexpectedly.

He specified that both Don Omar and Daddy Yankee claimed him for actions and disagreements.

In the video, Pina presented a letter of intent with contractual terms and conditions in relation to a contract that was signed by Raymond Ayala and William Omar Landrón. The document contains the signatures and initials of both artists. It is unknown if another agreement was later made between the parties for the performance of the concerts.

Don Omar, on the other hand, emphasized in his interview that after leaving the tour in the United States, he knew that there would be no possible breach lawsuit because “they had no contract with me.”

“They were so stupid that they started selling out a tour where they didn’t even have a contract with me. If they had had the contract you were talking about, they would have sued me and left me on the street. You know what? they stuck their tongues where you know…”, specified Don Omar.

About Don Omar’s allegation that the main console of the show in Las Vegas was turned off, Pina did not speak in the special.

Don Omar will grant another interview

Producer Pina ended the video with the story of an alleged letter that he sent by email to Don Omar detailing the disagreements and failures for which his employment relationship was terminated. According to him, that was the last communication he had with the reggaeton player.

“I sent him an email that I had been writing for three months. I put all the faults in him from the beginning, all the things he did to hurt me, everything he did to hurt everyone. All the businesses he did that were failures… the tennis shoes, the cars… everything. And I told him what a difference I was. The concert ended at the Staples Center and send. I told him, I’m going to see you in ten years repentant preaching, telling the world how bad you were… you will no longer be Don Omar, you will be Nobody”, concluded the producer who will launch another season on YouTube entitled, “The other side of the coin”.

At Pina’s expressions, Don Omar announced this morning that he will grant a new interview to “El Chambo” so apparently the controversy will continue.

“Second chair, prepare the popcorn,” the artist wrote along with an image on his social networks.

Don Omar and Pina have had multiple problems that have culminated in the courts. On January 24, 2022, in the Miami-Dade Court, in Florida, the lawsuit against Don Omar was dismissed, by Pina, in which he alleged economic damages and his reputation because the singer called him on his social networks “ chota”. The litigation began in March 2021.

In April 2022 the judge Carlos Lopez, of the Miami-Dade Court, in Florida, determined that Pina must pay the fees and costs of Don Omar’s lawyers, after losing the defamation lawsuit. Pina will have to pay $137,840 to Don Omar for attorneys’ fees.

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