President Gustavo Petro announces that the United Kingdom will no longer require a visa from Colombians

Although many applaud this important event, on social networks they criticize the president and give the victory to the previous government.

Many comments have been made about this positive news for all Colombians who have planned to visit this European area in the near future. Some Internet users applaud this management of the current president of the country; However, many others mention that all the credit is not given because, according to them, the management comes from a time ago, when the president was Iván Duque Márquez.

“Do you consider that the United Kingdom made the decision in these two months? All credit to the previous government, the current one only had to get it right. Great news,” says an Internet user in response to the president’s tweet.

Likewise, in the comments it is possible to show that there are some people who remind Gustavo Petro of the efforts made by Juan Manuel Santos, who was president from 2010 to 2018. “That was done by JM Santos, Petro, everything has a limit,” said another Internet user.

People can also be seen offering all their gratitude to the current Head of State. “Excellent president, the change has come,” said a woman after Petro’s announcement.

And it is that, despite the fact that this news is a great advance in diplomatic matters, many tell President Petro not to forget that the United States is missing for joining the United Kingdom in this visa release. The demand is high, and both supporters and detractors of the new government are crying out for this measure to be replicated by the North American nation.

In this sense, the Colombian ambassador to the United States, Luis Gilberto Murillo, had already advanced a similar effort to redeem this document to Colombian citizens. Although the proposal is not yet official, Luis Gilberto is expected to make it formal in the coming days.

“The Colombian population should have the possibility of being able to travel as a tourist to the United States without a visa (…) It does not look good and causes problems the fact that it is taking about 850 days for a person to be given an appointment once the request is submitted. In addition to that, we have information that (the United States) is the country in the world where this process takes the longest. We are strategic allies, this situation must be corrected. There’s no logic.” the Colombian ambassador stated a few days ago.

Similarly, it is necessary to point out that despite the fact that the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Colombia has not made an official statement, this Tuesday, October 18, in the morning hours they will give a press conference and what is presumed is that in This makes reference to the measure.

In addition, it is appropriate to point out that Ambassador George Hodgson had indicated that an important bilateral agreement was going to be finalized between Colombia and the United Kingdom. Also, the media await the extension of the announcement in which it is clarified from when the measure will begin to govern, among other matters.

Many people celebrate this announcement and hope that more countries will join so that there is a global liberalization of the visa for Colombians. Then, Is this triumph attributed to Petro or Duque? Although the debate is raised on social networks by the followers of the current and former president, the truth is that this measure opens a huge door for coffee growers who are in the nation and in different parts of the world.

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