Juan Toscano-Anderson marks the difference between the Lakers and Warriors


Juan Toscano-Anderson explained what the Los Angeles Lakers mean to the NBA and compared them to the Golden State Warriors, the other team he played for.

Juan Toscano-Anderson.
© Ethan Miller/Getty ImagesJuan Toscano-Anderson.

After a long wait, especially for the fans of the teams that did not make it to the PlayoffsWhat Los Angeles Lakersthe season of National Basketball Association (NBA) 2022-23 is about to start with a great game.

At the Chase Center in San Francisco, this Tuesday, October 18, the campaign opens with a California State franchise duel. The Champions Golden State Warriors receive on the night that the ring ceremony will take place, to the Lakers of Lebron James and company.

A player who will be on the Los Angeles side, but will receive his ring for being part of the winning team of Golden State is the Mexican Juan Toscano-Anderson. The small forward signed with the purple and gold team this summer and fully understands what this franchise is to the NBA.

Toscano-Anderson differentiates the Lakers

“I try to find the perfect analogy. Perhaps the best is that the Lakers are like Jay-Z. Longevity, everyone knows Jay Z is the best, and that’s what the Lakers are. They have been so good for so long. They are the team in the NBA, like the Cowboys in the NFL.”began by explaining JTA in Sirius XMN NBA Radio.

“The Warriors have only been good for ten years. I can say that because I’ve been a Warriors fan my whole life. It’s a little different. The standard and idea of ​​success in LA has been different for a long time. The Warriors have just turned that corner. Here in LA it’s championship or failure “he concluded.

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