Honduras received a new proposal to play with two World Cup teams in November


Everything is ready for the two friendly matches that the Honduran National Team will play this October against countries that will be in the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

On October 27, the Bicolor will meet Qatar in Marbella, Spain, and then travel to Abu Dhabi to face Saudi Arabia on October 30.

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José Ernesto Mejía, secretary of Fenafuth, has made it clear that the National selection It will only feature League players.

“The matches against Qatar and Saudi Arabia are of a high level, two teams that are looking to fine-tune their artillery to play the World Cup, we go with all the illusion, with a strictly national team, that is important for the clubs to take advantage of it because there will be a lot of players who are going to be summoned, who are going to have their opportunity because the legionnaires are not summoned, I think it is a chance to show off. All the logistics are already prepared”, he commented.

Honduras will travel next Monday, October 24 and once the two friendly games have been played, they will return to the country on October 31.

“There will be no microcycle, we are asking the National League to advance the day of Sunday the 23rd to Saturday the 22nd so that the players can meet on Sunday and go on a trip on Monday, October 24. There will be no work microcycle, they leave through Barcelona, ​​as I understand it, they go through Turkey, everything is already coordinated”.

Likewise, the Phenafuth has asked the National League to reschedule matchday 16, which would be played on October 30, since Honduras plays that date against Saudi Arabia.


José Ernesto Mejía announced that next Thursday the list of players who will travel to face Qatar and also Saudi Arabia will be announced.

Likewise, he did not want to give details about the possible call of the Argentine goalkeeper of Jonathan Rouger, Argentine goalkeeper from Motagua, who is already a Honduran citizen.

“Next Thursday you are going to have the official list, for the moment, that is some information that has come out and that is not made official by the Federation or by the coach, next Thursday you will have the official and formal knowledge. Until it is published, there is nothing,” said Mejía about the Rougier case.

Another point to note is that Honduras He has received proposals to play two more games in November and against World Cup teams.

“This morning we have casually received an invitation for two more games in November, but it is very difficult because the National League is already collaborating with us with these two games and the championship is quite tight. The rounds end on November 4, then the semifinals come, it’s very complicated, they offered us two World Cup teams, but we can’t take away space from the league either and we avoid giving the clubs complications, so it’s very difficult for us to play in November, without However, efforts are already being made so that on the FIFA date in March we can have a friendly, we are looking at options,” he mentioned.

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