‘He’s like the goalkeeper of Martinique’Halftime

Always acid and critical in his opinions, Christian Martinoli showed the faults of Guillermo Ochoa that, from his perspective, they prevented a “middling team in Europe” from noticing himthis despite having two outstanding World Cups in his record with the Mexican National Team in the editions of Brazil 2014 and Russia 2018.

Speaking of the lack of Mexicans in the true high European competition and not in “filler” clubs as the Ajaccio in Ligue 1, Martinoli gave Paco Memo as an example when talking about why the biggest teams don’t usually flip towards our compatriots.

We share the full Statements by Martinoli Curi about Ochoa Magaña he did on the YouTube channel of Enrique Garay, with whom the soccer announcer has worked for many years as colleagues on TV Azteca.

What does Martinoli think of Memo Ochoa as a goalkeeper?

Martinoli: “Paco Memo went to France, he even risked money, not as much as people think because they didn’t pay him so badly, but he risked to leave. He went to what was probably the worst team (Ajaccio) in the five major European leaguesthey would rally every weekend as if it were a pediment”.

Martinoli: “Being a small team goalkeeper, Paco Memo is like watching Martinique’s goalkeeper against Mexico. Who is the best of Martinique? The goalkeeper because they hit him 10 times, he saves seven and they put three into him, the game can end 3-0 and they call him God, that’s what Ochoa does”.

Martinoli:Ochoa was the goalkeeper with the most goals in France, then in Spain when he was with Malaga and Granada. He went down in two different leagues. He had an impressive World Cup in Brazil 2014 and in that period there was talk of huge clubs for him like Liverpool and Milan, and yes, he saves the bastard, but has many shortcomings“.

Martinoli: “Rafa Puente said: ‘Ochoa doesn’t go over the goal, he jumps from where he is, he doesn’t reduce the shots much, he doesn’t go over the top’. They also asked Néstor Verderi, who was the goalkeeping coach for América at the time, why they didn’t put him to rehearse more crosses and he replied: ‘he only asks for two and no more, what do I tell him’. Paco Memo knew how to get used to his vices and shortcomings that he did not try to improve because below the posts is figure with many conditionscovers many balls”.

Martinoli:Imagine you have a great World Cup, you play in Europe, you speak French. Forget Milan or Liverpool, Do you think that Lyon, Marseille or Bordeaux could not grab him to leave him in last place in Ligue 1? Don’t you think there was a visor on Ochoa to find out how much it cost? What they saw are his shortcomings, where he can’t compete!“.

Martinoli:Let’s imagine that a goalkeeper has to score eight points and Paco Memo fails in four of those eightThat’s why they didn’t sign him because the most important clubs get them only three times per game, not fifteen, and with those shortcomings it doesn’t work.”

Listen to Martinoli talk about Memo Ochoa at 29:30

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