Héctor Zelada uncovers the lies of Javier Hernández; that’s why he doesn’t go to Tri

Hector Miguel Zelada / Javier Hernandez / Gerardo Martino
Hector Miguel Zelada / Javier Hernandez / Gerardo Martino


Hector Miguel Zelada He is an authorized voice within Mexican soccer thanks to his time as a player for América. The former Azulcrema goalkeeper spoke about Gerardo Martino’s Mexican National Team and the case that has made the most noise lately: the absence of Javier Hernandez within the tricolor combination.

To everyone’s surprise, Zelada defended Gerardo Martino, as he commented that Hernández’s departure would be well justified. So the one who would have to clarify the version of all this mess would be the footballer and not the technical director: “I know what happened with Chicharito. They imagine that it was an indiscipline. We all committed indiscipline, but we must recognize it, ”he commented for TUDN.

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Not only did he make it clear that Hernández did not recognize his mistakes, because in his last statements the forward has commented that his call-up did not depend on him: “There are codes in life. We all make mistakes, but you have to have the pants to admit it. I think he was wrong and he didn’t have the pants to admit. He had something very… until then, don’t take me out anymore, ”he concluded.

Would everything tilt in favor of Martino?

It seems that the case between Hernández and Martino has had a testimony that has leaned towards the Argentine. The truth is that in the voices of several former soccer players and analysts, the issue seems to take on a dimension that has surpassed reality. Well, everything has gone back to speculation, without yet showing convincing evidence about the absence of Hernández in El Tri.

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