Chofis López and Pocho Guzmán, two exchivas reborn in PachucaMediotiempo

The changes of players between Pachuca and the Chivas have been frequent since the beginning of the short tournaments, when the team from Hidalgo was confirmed as a team of First division. Since then footballers like Benjamín Galindo, the Bofo BaptistManuel Vidrio, Rafael Medina, Sergio Santana, Raul Lopez, Rudolph PizarroMarco Bueno, Rodolfo Cota, among others have defended the two shirts.

Two reinforcements that have presented a high level

Two of these latest additions made by the Tuzos from the Sacred Flock, have stood out for the level they have taken in the Hidalgo campus, it is about Victor Guzmanwho arrived in 2015 at the Bella Airosa team, and more recently, Javier Eduardo López, who became a reinforcement for this opening 2022.

The little He arrived as a star player of the youth teams of the Guadalajara team. diego alonsothen coach of Pachuca He saw a future for him and they signed him, first on loan and later as a permanent contract.

Guzmán was one step away from returning to Chivas

It was so much the good level that he showed Guzman with the Tuzosthat the Chivas they were about to repatriate him; nevertheless, the signing was canceled when the player gave positive to an anti-doping test in August 2019, which caused him a sanction by the Mexican Soccer Federation (FMF), at the beginning of 2020.

The little served his sentence, recovered and he was stellar again in the team from Hidalgo, where on Sunday he scored one of the two goals that qualified them for the Semifinals of the Opening Tournament 2022where they will face Monterey.

The arrival of Eduardo López in Pachuca

The case of the Chofisfootballer with whom Guzman shared in the Chivas Sub-20, is somewhat similar. After ups and downs and indiscipline in the Guadalajara team, he left the squad and went to the MLS with the San José Earthquakes, where he met Matias Almeydastrategist who had directed him at the rojiblanco club.

He had some flashes american footballwhere he played 37 games and scored 13 goals in the 2021 and half of the 2022 seasons. An injury took him away from the courts and the opportunity to continue improving in the Californian team, which left him out of his plans in the middle of last June.

There came the Tuzos to rescue him, and although at first it was difficult to get him physically fit, López responded in the few minutes that he began to use it William Almada. Until now he has played in 11 games and has scored three goals, one of them against tigerswhich helped the Pachuca to get into the 2022 Opening Semifinals.

After last Sunday’s victory against tigersin the second leg of the quarterfinals, the own Almada stated that the best Chofis is yet to come, since although he has begun to have flashes, he hopes to see his best version in the next tournament, when he has some preseason work done.

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