Abs don’t come out doing sit-ups: five exercises that work

If you expect to find in this article how to get abs, we make you a spoiler: we tell you. And if you thought that by doing sit-ups you’ll get a core like a chocolate bar, we’ll give you another spoiler: we’ve all believed it at some point. The truth is that the abdominals are probably the most difficult muscle group to sculpt since many of the body’s fats accumulate in it. To get good abs, the diet is 50% of the result, the proper exercise 40% and genetics only 10%; anyone can get it.

if you do the day 50 sit-ups It will always be better than doing 5 or none, but you will not notice a flat stomach or achieve its toning.

Every training routine must be accompanied by a diet that reinforces and prolongs what has been worked out in the gym. Taking care of your diet is the real secret, in addition to the physical work you can do, that is, achieving adequate fat levels is the key (

Before wanting to fight for something unattainable, at least doing this exercise, you must first understand that abdominal muscles It is made up of four different muscles: the rectus, the internal and external obliques, and the transversus. Each of them has a predominant composition of different muscle fibers. On the one hand, as indicated by Christian Sanz, sport manager of the Physical Activity Division at Club Metropolitan, slow fibers, which require a type of training more oriented towards resistance to effort (strength resistance) and, on the other hand, fast fibers, which allow us to make great muscular efforts in very short periods of time, but of maximum intensity, such as stabilizing the trunk during a jump or turn, performing rotations, inclinations…

“We must also understand that the abdominal part is an area of ​​the body where energy tends to be stored in the form of fat. And this area is usually one of the last to mobilize these deposits, ”says the expert.

Understanding these two aspects is important to know that, no matter how much we work the abdomen at a muscular level (although it is very important both for posture), this will not have an aesthetic reflection, without reaching the levels of body fat to it.

The strength or muscular appearance of our abdomen is directly related to the frequency and intensity with which we train them, but also to the level of body fat that we have, particularly in the area of ​​the abdomen.

Abdominal exercises

So, if we don’t get a strong abdomen doing sit-ups, what exercise can we do? Christian Sanz recommends three series of 4-5 varied exerciseswhich combines exercises with and without external load, “will be more than enough” to gradually define those abs you want.

«At Club Metropolitan, the directed activity ABD 15 minutes makes it easy for you. Intense 15-minute abdominal sessions are a ‘must’ in your race to greater abdominal tone,” he notes. They don’t seem to take up a lot of your time and quickly increase the muscular endurance of this muscle group. “Our trainers will correct your posture, offer you a wide variety of exercises and encourage you in this race towards defined abs,” says the expert, who recommends the following effective exercises:

1. Abdominal crunch: performs a flexion of the trunk on the hip.

2. Pyramids: In a front plank position on hands, with your feet on a TRX, raise your hips with the intention of bringing your feet as close to your hands as possible.

3.Halloween: stretched out on the floor, separate the upper part of the back from the floor and separate the legs (stretched) from the floor, so that the only point of support will be the lower back and the buttocks. To hold this position it is very important to maintain good abdominal and gluteal tension.

4. Leg raises: Suspended on a bar or rings, raise your legs, you can do the exercise with your legs bent (easier) or with your legs straight. “For some people, this exercise can present a certain difficulty not because of a lack of strength in the abdomen but because of a lack of flexibility in the back of the legs. For these people, it would be advisable to perform the exercise with the legs semiflexed or flexed », he recommends. It is very important to understand in this exercise, although we call it leg raises, in reality, for the work of the abdomen, this has nothing to do with the elevation of the legs, but with the flexion of the hip towards the sternum, or if you prefer it in the elevation of the hip towards the head. And all our intention must be focused on that.

5. Side plank: Perform a side plank resting your elbow on the ground.

6. Plank with knees to the elbow: Perform a front plank in which you alternately bring the knee to the elbow of the opposite arm.

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