5 PHOTOS of Karey Ruiz that lit up social media before and after her surgeries

Karen Ruiz, Mexican model and influencer, has become an icon of beauty in social networks. During the pandemic, she was one of the women who decided to join the platform of only fanswhich has generated thousands of earnings for his photographs and great popularity.

Being one of today’s favorite models, Karen Ruiz He has seven million followers on Instagram. In addition, he has earned the sympathy of fans for his good deeds, since part of the money he earns has been used to pay for a young man’s cancer treatment or buy jugs to help the water crisis that Monterrey experienced.

And although the model is beautiful by nature, the model he is not intimidated when he admits that he has had more than one operation and aesthetic adjustments. She is considered one of the most beautiful Mexican women of the moment, she has been the radical change of Karely Ruiz in 5 photos.

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Karely Ruiz: EVERYTHING looks good on her, from wearing braces to posing in fitted dresses

Karen Ruiz She herself shared some old photos of her appearance before she was one of the great stars of Only Fans in Mexico. The young woman always boasted of having measures that many seek with operations. Her hair was short and she had a much cuter look.

Previously she did not usually dress in fitted dresses, skirts and tops that have stolen the sighs of her fans. Karely Ruiz was still very young before rising to fame, so his style and appearance was very youthful. He hardly wore any makeup and dressed in blue jeans and tank tops.

When she began to show her beauty on social networks, the young woman underwent braces treatment, began to wear long hair and makeup, as well as flashy clothes and accessories.

Slowly, Karen Ruiz She was stylizing her way of dressing, doing her hair and makeup, showing off her curves on social networks and she began to be popular with her photos.

Once it became onlyfans model and all an influencer of social networks, Karen Ruiz She began to light up the networks with her photos wearing fitted dresses, mini skirts, tops and bikinis. Her change in her face has been remarkable, as well as the measurements of her body, but the young Mexican is not ashamed, because she assures that she did it for pleasure

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