Will there be celestial reconstruction? A tidal wave of movements is coming in Cruz Azul

After the elimination of Cruz Azul, the gaze has been set on the team’s immediate future. Immediately after stay out of the Opening 2022various sectors point to a imminent reconstruction in the institution cement plantwhich would have changes beyond the player roster.

For a few weeks it has transpired that inside the club they have been working on the idea of ​​a new sports project. Now, there will be many weeks without activity, with which the board will have the opportunity to plan the next campaign and important changes could come.

Which players are outlined to leave Cruz Azul?

As far as players are concerned, it is noted that a high number of players from the current squad would no longer have a place, above all, those who end contract. In that context, they are four footballers who end their bond with the Machine in December of this year.

The players in question are: the Paraguayan Angel Romeroa Peruvian man louis abram and the mexicans Alexander Mayorga Y Joaquin shaggy Martinez. Around these four elements, it is speculated that the directive would not have contemplated renew their contract.

To that list of players with possibilities of leaving Cruz Azul the Chilean is added Ivan Morales and the Uruguayan Christian Tabo. About the attacker Andean suffice it to point out that their numbers in this tournament translate to 194 minutes in 8 games; meanwhile, the charrúa add 800 minutes and only 2 goals in the two tournaments who has disputed with the Machine. In both cases, they seem sufficient arguments to think about their imminent departure from the club light blue.

Two survivors of the last Cruz Azul title, in doubt

They deserve special mention Julio Cesar Dominguez Y rafael baca. two elements harshly punished by Cruz Azul fans for several seasons. The panorama of both elements is complex, especially that of Rafewell his contract is valid until December and he is the one who has been questioned the most by different sectors of the environment light blue.

Meanwhile, without the Tasting Domínguez still has a valid contract, the relationship he has with the team’s fans is not pleasant; what’s more, about the fate of the Mexican central defender that during his career he has only defended the colors of Blue CrossIt recently transpired that Pumas opened his eyes on him.

The sports management of Cruz Azul would be vacant

Speaking of adjustments, there are many rumors that suggest that the Cruz Azul sports management could become vacant in the coming days. On this subject, it transcends that Carlos López de Silanes is not in the board’s plans cement plant Looking ahead to the next tournament, it is even speculated that Francisco Palencia, Néstor de la Torre, Gerardo Torrado and Ricardo Peláez are options to fill the position.

Will Potro Gutiérrez continue as DT of Cruz Azul?

To close the topic of settings, it is important to note that at this time the continuity of Raúl Gutiérrez at the head of the technical direction of Cruz Azul is uncertain. And while the results might support the Foalit is a reality for now no one can guarantee its permanence in the first team of the Machine. In addition to to materialize the departure of López de Silanesthe new sports director could arrive with a new proposal to take the helm of the team trucker.

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