Shakira’s son charges fans for a photo with his mother and the video goes viral

  • Shakira attended a baseball game of her oldest son.
  • At the match, fans asked her for photos, and her young son offered to take them.
  • However, the little boy made a funny comment that has sparked laughter on social networks.

Though Shakira and Pique They have been in the eye of the hurricane recently due to their controversial separation, the singer has taken advantage of all her time to spend it with her beloved children, who have lived with her after the breakup with the soccer player.

For this reason, Shakira was captured with her youngest son in a school baseball game supporting her eldest son, who plays this sport.

However, the people who recognized her did not hesitate to ask for a photograph, to which she kindly agreed, despite the fact that at that time she was enjoying a good time with her little ones.

However, what has taken away the comments in the video where Shakira is shown with the fans, is the peculiar comment of one of the singer’s children, because he did not hesitate to bring out his skills as a negotiator and immediately told them , “It’s 10 thousand euros”.

In this way, Shakira’s little son caused a smile in his mother, who would pose for the photograph but realized that the little boy was very close and asked him to go back so that he would come out correctly, because the fans also realized that in At first, the camera was in selfie mode, so it was pointing at him and not at his mother next to the fan who requested the photo.

Shakira's son charges 10 thousand euros to fans for a photo with his mother

Of course, the little boy’s action has sparked comments on social networks because the video has already gone viral and they have left messages like, “Shakira’s excellent manager, she’s going to be a good businessman”, “you already know what your mother is worth as an artist”, “His favorite bodyguards”, “In my humble opinion, I think that fans, no matter how much they find their artist when they are spending time with the family, should respect that space”, “I’m sure he listens to his mother when he does business, I love him” , “how innocent, I love him”.

Shakira's son charges 10 thousand euros to fans for a photo with his mother

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