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The royal family has many mysteries that draw the attention of the press and royal fans. Now, the American newspaper The Globe ensures that there is an unrecognized daughter of King Charles III and the late Princess Diana.

Protagonists of the most controversial love triangle in the history of the United Kingdom, now there is a new version that ensures that the monarch and the late Diana of Wales had Sarah Spencer, an unrecognized daughter, Terra wrote.

The resemblance that calls into question the paternity of King Charles III: this was Lady Di’s lover, James Hewitt, who is said to be the father of Prince Harry, being like two drops of water

She is the alleged unacknowledged daughter of King Carlos III and Lady Di

Sarah Spencer would be the older sister of Princes William and Harry, and her birth would have been through assisted fertilization. The supposed firstborn of the son of Queen Elizabeth II would have been born eight months before William.

When King Carlos III and Lady Di got engaged, the royal family had to make sure that she was fertile to continue with the royal offspring. Given this, Diana Spencer underwent a medical intervention in which her eggs were extracted to be fertilized with sperm from Camilla Parker Bowles’s husband.

According to the American newspaper, the fertilized egg had to be destroyed, but apparently it was stolen by one of the doctors, who was in charge of continuing the process and that is how Sarah Spencer was born.

The origin of the supposed daughter of the king remained anonymous, since she would not be the next to the throne because male children were still given priority.

However, the theory has never been confirmed by any royals or by Spencer herself. In fact, according to the newspaper, she was informed that she was the daughter of King Carlos III and Lady Di, after the tragic death of the Princess of Wales.

On the other hand, they assure that 14 years ago, Prince William knew of the existence of his alleged sister, so he did everything possible to meet her and to prevent information from being leaked, it was his wife Kate Middleton who attended the meeting, in where she would have been surprised at the resemblance of Sarah and Princess Diana.

Sarah Spencer had to live under a secret identity and was also forced to change residence and hide from the media, according to the newspaper. (YO)

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