Fan of Servando and Florentino undressed in full concert (+VIDEO)

A fan of Servando and Florentino was left half-naked during the concert of the Primera brothers in the city of La Guaira, when she decided to take off her shirt on her own and then her bra, to be left with her breasts in the air, before the astonished gaze of the spectators around it.

The fanatic’s outburst was recorded at the moment when the singers performed the song Alíviame, written in honor of her father Alí Primera. At that moment the girl took off the clothes that covered half of her body and she ended up dancing and also waving her bra.

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However, and to the regret of the fanatic, the episode went unnoticed by Servando and Florentino who, on stage, were not aware of the fact.

Servando and Florentino’s show in La Guaira is part of the ‘En Tu Ciudad World Tour’, which has taken them to a total of 65 cities in different countries in Latin America, the US, Canada and Europe, and which precedes the ‘bonus ‘ called ‘The Last One and We’re Going’, where 5 cities will repeat.

The Primera brothers were off stage for 10 years, and it is now that their manager Oswaldo Ponte Jr. achieved not only their return, after the experiment they did in the pandemic, with a concert via streaming called ‘En Tu Cuarto’, but also took them on one of the most ambitious and comprehensive tours of their entire career.

Yes, ‘Los Chamos del Valle’, the eternal Salserín, along with many of their former colleagues who are now part of their musicians, toured 2 continents, 16 countries, 55 cities, where more than 120,000 fans around the world gathered to listen to those themes that marked his life, from his childhood, adolescence, to adulthood, since most grew up with them.

After this great tour, they will begin ‘El Último y nos Vamos’, repeating 5 of the 65 that they will visit when they finish this section. They will be on November 29 in Madrid, Spain; on December 10 in Caracas, Venezuela; on December 14 in Bogotá, Colombia; on December 20 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In the United States, they will repeat one of the most emblematic cities of Latinos and where there is a large Venezuelan migration, Miami. There they will perform on December 15 at the FTX Arena in Miami, where only the most important artists in the world perform.

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