Eduin Caz, from Grupo Firme, responds to criticism for his weight and his way of drinking

They are one of the most famous groups of recent times, but Grupo Firme pursues not only success, but also controversy and even criticism, especially for the way its members drink.

During their last presentations, both Jhony and Eduin Caz have suffered some accidents on stage due to the large amount of alcohol they drink, it has even been said that this situation is already worrying the businessmen who hire them and they have even been asked to control or they could stop receiving contracts.

However, this does not seem to matter much to the leader of the band originally from Tijuana, because through his social networks he sent a clear message to his detractors, where he made it clear that what they say is completely irrelevant: “they know that what tell me I’m worth 3 kilos of… I live my life my way, ”Caz wrote in his Instagram stories.

Caz was clear about what is said about his way of drinking Photo: Instagram

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In the same way, he responded to comments about his physical appearance, because after an impressive transformation there are some people who point out that his old habits led him to lose the great advance he already had.

The interpreter of “Ya Supérame” admitted that he is a few pounds above his ideal weight but also showed that he is already taking action on the matter and even published several videos where he appears in small pink shorts while doing his exercise routines.

“I confess that I gained a little weight, but I feel that I am in the best moment of my life,” he said along with a photograph showing his abdomen.

Firm Group in the XV of Emily, the daughter of “Canelo”

This weekend Emily Álvarez, the eldest daughter of “El Canelo”, turned 15 years old and as expected, the boxer threw the house out the window to celebrate it.

Among the incredible details that the party had was the music, since one of the groups that was in charge of entertaining it was precisely Grupo Firme.

In the Instagram stories shared by the quinceañera, you can see the exact moment in which the Caz brothers and company delighted the beautiful quinceañera with the traditional “Mañanitas”, in addition to a couple of other songs.

Photo: Instagram

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