Break between Amaury Vergara and Marcelo Michel Leaño? New version emerges about the arrival of Fernando Hierro to Chivas

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A new version circulates where the former coach of Guadalajara would have had a strong difference with the Vergara family.


Chivas is a club that awakens emotions in millions of fans around the world, so the rojiblanca fans are aware at all times of what happens around the rojiblanco team where the current issue is the arrival of Fernando Hierro as Sports Director of the Flockor, where Marcelo Michel Leaño would be involved.

A new version began to circulate on social networks around the relationship between the Vergara family and the chess player, since according to a journalist from Marca Claro, José María Garrido, The person in charge of taking the former Real Madrid soccer player to Guadalajara was Alejandro Manzobrother-in-law of Amaury and current technical secretary of the club.

According to the communicator, Michel Leaño’s departure from the rojiblanco club did not come about in the best of terms for some audios of the former coach ranting against the Vergara family and the rojiblanco club, a situation that would have completely broken the relationship between them.

Poll What do you think of the arrival of Fernando Hierro to the Chivas board?

What do you think of the arrival of Fernando Hierro to the Chivas board?

Excellent, he is a specialist in football

Regular, does not know Mexican soccer

Bad, I preferred a Mexican


“Marcelo had a place in Chivas, very well earned, being at the time a personal friend of the Vergara family. His ace up his sleeve that opened the doors of Club Deportivo Guadalajara and that he had him as the boss in the sports part of the project was his friendship with the Vergara family. When he leaves the technical direction, they gave him a few days to rest and gain new strength and return to the position of Director of Institutional Soccer, that’s where he was going to return.

“In the ears of Amaury Vergara llThey released some famous audios where Marcelo Michel Leaño speaks plagues of Chivas, of the structure and of the Vergara family. Who sent those audios to Amaury? Alejandro Manzo, who with this action earned Amaury’s trust, “he explained on his YouTube channel.

What did Marcelo have to do with the arrival of Hierro?

According to Garrido, Michel Leaño was only in charge of disseminating the information to the press: “Someone from the club, with knowledge of the facts, with privileged information that Chivas was already managing the arrival of Fernando Hierrohe tells Marcelo Michel Leaño and he took it upon himself to spread it with his friends in the press”, he concluded.

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