Blow to the lion! Olancho FC knocks down a gray Olimpia and loses the opportunity to be leader of the championship


Welcome to the minute by minute of Olimpia vs Olancho FC!

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THE GAME: Olympia 0-1 Olancho FC

YELLOW! Pedro Troglio, coach of Olimpia, is booked at the end of the match after entering the field of play to complain to the referees about Chirinos’ action.

IT’S OVER: Olimpia falls against Olancho FC with a solitary goal by Ángel Villatoro and loses the opportunity to be the leader of the league competition. Motagua will continue at the top.

90 + 3 ‘ASK FOR PENALTY! Michaell Chirinos falls in the area after a struggle with Molina but the referee tells him to get up and play.

87′ YELLOW! Óscar Almendárez, an Olancho player, is reprimanded for complaining to the referee.

87′ Foul on the edge of the area in favor of Olimpia.

79′ Olimpia has gone over and Jorge Benguché tries it; he bombed at grass level but Matías Quinteros put his legs and avoids the goal action.

78 & # 39; YUSTIIINNN! Benguché fought back, won a ball, lagged behind the Colombian Yustin Arboleda but the field plays hard on him and sends him to the stands.

77′ Change in Olancho:
Entered: Rene Sambula
Left: Reinieri Mayorquín

75′ YELLOW! Jonathan Paz, an Olimpia player, is cautioned for a foul.

73′ YELLOW! Reinieri Mayorquín, an Olancho FC player, is booked.

73′ Change in Olympia:
Entered: Jorge Alvarez
Left: Yan Maciel

70′ Change in Olancho FC:
Entered: Ovidio Lanza
Left: Angel Villatoro

70′ YELLOW! Olimpia player Michaell Chirinos is booked for a foul against Ángel Villatoro.

68′ YELLOW! Cristian Cálix, an Olancho FC player, is booked.

67′ Change in Olympia:
Entered: Maylor Núñez
Left: Jamil Maldonado

67′ Change in Olympia:
Entered: Yustin Arboleda
Left: Jerry Bengtson

61′ Phew… José Pinto entered aggressively, he danced in the area, he played his personal game and the goalkeeper sent it to the corner kick after the little Olympian player whipped it.

60′ Change in Olancho FC:
Entered: Cristian Calix
Left: Mario Martinez

59‘ Olancho again… placed bombshell by Mario Martínez that goes wide. The left-handed midfielder is lying on the pitch and it hurts a lot.

55′ Change in Olympia:
Entered: Jose Mario Pinto
Left: Boniek Garcia

54′ YELLOW! Jamil Maldonado, an Olimpia player, is booked for a hard foul against Mario Martínez.

53′ Forgiving Olancho FC. Omar Elvir’s goal center but Ángel Villatoro pardoned the frame. He came sliding and the ball sent it into the clouds.

fifty’ Arrival with enough danger from Olancho FC. Fallen center to the area but they lacked to define in the last touch. Olimpia can’t handle the Olanchanos.

46′ Change in Olympia:
Entered: Jorge Benguche
Left: Jared Velasquez

The complementary stage started: Olimpia is going to break the zero on its scoreboard and thus work the comeback over Olancho FC.

End of the first half: Olancho is surprisingly beating Olimpia at the National Stadium.

40′ Phew… close to Olympia. Fallen center to the area that Juan Pablo Montes could not straighten. Olancho continues to beat the lions in the Nacional with a goal by Ángel Villatoro.

32′ Olimpia manages possession of the ball but can’t find any way to assert the draw in Nacional against Olancho.

27′ GOALLL FOR OLANCHO FC! Ángel Villatoro came alive and faced with the indifference of Juan Pablo Montes and Gabriel Araújo, he puts his foot in and pins Edrick Menjívar; tremendous play on the left by Cristhian Altamirano, who was the one who sent the center.

twenty-one’ The clearest of Olympia. Header by Michaell Chirinos somewhat uncomfortable but the ball sent it to the right paral of the Olancho portico. Saved from the Beto Rivera club.

fifteen‘ Once again the Olancho team… Agustín Auzmendi entered again calmly, shaking marks, he finished off but Edrick rejected it and Altamirano did not take advantage when the round was left to his liking.

13′ FORGIVEN! The best play of the game comes courtesy of the pamperos. Olancho attacked with Auzmendi, the ball was full for Mario Martínez but the left-hander defined poorly.

9′ The board does not move, it continues with a boring 0-0 at the moment, where Olimpia is the one who treads the Olancho field the most.

4′ Olimpia wants the first but has no luck in her only arrival at the Ontiveros framework.

STARTED! Olimpia and Olancho FC are at stake in the Nacional Chelato Uclés de Tegucigalpa.

Olancho FC starting 11: Matias Quinteros; Óscar Almendárez, Santiago Molina, Allan Cárcamo, Omar Elvir; Reinieri Mayorquín, Mario Martínez, Henry Gómez, Ángel Villatoro, Christian Altamirano; Agustin Ausmendi.

Olympia starting 11: Edrick Menjivar; Jamir Maldonado, Jonathan Paz, Juan Pablo Montes, Gabriel Araújo; Germán Mejía, Boniek García, Jared Velásquez, Yan Maciel; Michael Chirinos and Jerry Bengtson

Los albos arrives after leaving Motagua on the way to the Concacaf League.

Olimpia wants to take advantage of Motagua’s stumble yesterday, after winning 0-2 the Marathón tied it and left everything served to be the new leader.

Welcome to the minute by minute of Olimpia vs Olancho FC for the Honduran National League. It is the game that closes the date 13.

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