Vegan activists spilled milk in various parts of the United Kingdom

A group of activists spilled milk on premises in the UK in protest and in pursuit of getting the government to ease the transition to a plant-based food system (Twitter: @RebelsAnimal)

This week, two activists entered the National Gallery in London, threw tomato soup at Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” ​​and glued themselves to the gallery wall. The vandalism sought to demand that the British government stop all oil and gas projects. Now, in a new wave of complaints, the NGO Animal Rebellion It also initiated actions to claim on the environment.

so this saturday multiple UK supermarkets and even the streets were scenes of milk spillage. The dairy industryaccording to the group, is one of the most pollutants Y destructive of the planet. They also added that the five main corporations in the industry -along with meat- are responsible for emitting more greenhouse gases than companies like Exxon, Shell and BP.

Harrod’sthe department store located in Londonwas one of the scenes of these protests, where a woman and a man opened and poured the entire contents of some milk bottles on the meat counters and on the floor.

Activists spilled milk at Harrods (Twitter: @RebelsAnimal)

On the other hand, in the supermarket Marks and Spencer in Manchester These facts were also replicated in front of the refrigerators with meat trays. Next to the activists were signs that read “Plan-based future”.

Activists spill milk in Manchester (Twitter: @RebelsAnimal)

It is based on this data that Animal Rebellion advocates for a plant-based future that not only eliminate the suffering of thousands of animals but also, tackle one of the main causes of pollution in the world. On the other hand, they require Government toast tools those who work in these industries to achieve a peaceful and sustainable transition and affirm that they are “taking action since Liz Truss (the prime minister) and Ranil Jayawardena (the Minister for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) are again ignoring initiatives to build a better future”.

Lou Hadden, one of the activists who participated in the actions, told Daily Mail that “sadly this is necessary for those in power to listen to academics at Oxford, Harvard and the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)”. “The best scientists on the ground are calling for a transition to a plant-based food system. We need decisive action, not the horror we are seeing,” he added.

According to a report from the NGO Grain, the 35 main meat and dairy companies do not report or provide less than real data on their gas emissions into the atmosphere. In addition, 14 of them have proposed objectives to reduce them, although only six of them include plans for the supply chain. In turn, these frame them in a growth project in which their emissions increase considerably, despite the efforts they make to keep them low.

Activists spilled milk in the streets (Twitter: @backtolife_2023)

For her part, in another attempt to attract the attention of the Government, on October 5, Prime Minister Liz Truss was also part of an inconvenience while giving a speech at the Conservative Party conference. Her long-awaited speech -in which she defended her economic plan- was interrupted by two women from greenpeace that, with a banner that read “Who voted for this?” (who voted for this?) questioned the policies of fracking endorsed by the state.

“This year we really felt like we needed to do an intervention because no one voted for much of what Liz Truss and her Government are trying to do right now. No one voted for fracking, no one voted to cut benefits, no one voted to destroy nature, no one voted to scrap workers’ rights,” explained Rebecca Newsom, head of public affairs for the NGO and one of the protesters.


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