TOUCHSTONE – Putin’s War

It seems like a joke thing. The Ukrainian armed forces managed to minimally bomb the bridge that Russia had illegitimately built over its latest conquest, Lake Crimea, and Putin, furious at this insolence, bombed kyiv, resulting in nineteen deaths, there could have been a hundred or more.

(There is no clear measure on the limitation of these bombings and their victims). In any case, the NATO and US forces did not dare to respond otherwise, because Putin, playing with the thousands of nuclear warheads he has gathered around Russia, once again threatened to turn the world into a dark atomic coven.

At the same time, Putin showed that the new Russian recruits are unaware of their orders, as the new recruits, drunk, were seen fleeing to neighboring countries to escape the orders of the recruits, which gives a terrible testimony about the behavior of the forces Russian navies at this very moment.

The unfortunate thing about this sinister game is the number of Ukrainian victims that continue to accumulate over a war that, as seen by the behavior of the new Russian levies, arouses very little enthusiasm in the country most interested, according to Putin, in recovering the status of a military superpower.

Clearly, what this war has shown so far is the unwillingness of the Russian army to follow the orders of Putin himself, who, at all stages of this aggression, has been frustrated by the laziness and parsimony of his soldiers. It would seem that Putin has not even realized that his country is too big and modern to be playing these wars that only have victims. (One of the graces of atomic lack of control is that it makes certain countries invulnerable and others it turns them exclusively into victims. A grace from which only the mad character who governs North Korea seems to be excluded).

Everything in the war in Ukraine is crazy and, one might say, boring – because everyone knows how this Russian attempt to turn Ukraine into a defeated and humiliated country will end, something that has not happened so far, especially taking into account the courageous resistance of the Ukrainians to what Putin himself believed would be just a military parade.

Something that was completely unexpected is that the powerful Russia was much less powerful than we all imagined, except, one would say, Putin himself, who will not stop until the Kremlin puts an end to this contradiction with a military coup, or a less dramatic scheme.
Meanwhile, what is happening in the former USSR has the world on alert, with the prospect – something more than sinister – of an atomic explosion.

Could occur? Putin’s mental health allows for all extremes, including that horror: the outbreak of a third world war that could end the world or leave it a ruin. Clearly no one wants this, including Putin himself, though the conspirators who are supposed to bring him down would be the first to claim that they have finished him off because he was already about to finish off himself, and Russia at the same time. The truth is that the world would sleep more peacefully if Russia, with its supply of atomic weapons, stopped behaving like some African countries, or simply those of the brave third world.

Which is the solution then? Watch how, according to Putin’s own mood swings, the world around him wonders whether or not World War III breaks out? Or how, depending on the outbursts of that same character, do the Ukrainians take time to disappear in this show in which they have the worst role?

It is clear that this dramatic case has to end somehow and that it cannot be with the disappearance of Ukraine itself, something that seems not far from the strategic follies of Vladimir Putin.

The best thing that could happen is that Putin’s alleged collaborators finish him off or put him in a position to stop complicating things, which the Russians themselves cannot see with satisfaction, except for a handful of extremists, whose voices have already been heard surplus. They monopolize the stations in Russia, which has begun by eliminating all private publications that were independent of the state.

The leaders of the G-7, that is, the Western forces, will hold the Russian president accountable for “war crimes” perpetrated against cities and civilian targets in Ukraine. The readers’ impression is that these threats amount to nothing, mere declarations of good intentions.

It would be much more effective, at this time, to try to advance a true peace, by any of the various attempts that have been made in this direction so far. Why does one of the countries that are part of these peace commissions not present a declaration right now that allows Russia a way out and, at the same time, ensures the independence and integrity of Ukraine? Any of the countries that have approached these “peace commissions” could fulfill this function and receive an award for it.

The conditions at the moment, unfortunately, are not very conducive to this, because, according to a correspondent, Putin “listens to his hawks” and has ordered “indiscriminate attacks” against civilian targets, in order to silence Ukrainian morale and criticism. internal. This is costing Russia a real fortune. According to the same correspondent, the cruise missiles used by Russia in these “punishment” operations, with which it tries to intimidate Ukrainian opinion, are accompanied by the huge “Iskander” anti-aircraft rockets, which have already been used to bomb Zaporizhia, something that the North American magazine “Forbes” calculates between 700 and 400 million dollars.

Another way to take advantage of the moment to present a “peace plan” for Ukraine would be for the initiative to come from a country friendly to Russia, in any of the various “commissions” that have been formed in this regard, to avoid susceptibilities. This would make it possible to save face for this country and to stop the discharges and military operations against Ukraine that are causing too many casualties in the civilian population and preventing its free development. This paper is as it were prepared for China, which for the first time has declared its concern with the Russian bombing of Ukraine.

In short, we must put an end to this latent war, which is slowly destroying Ukraine and sowing terror in neighboring countries, while the big Western countries are happy – it seems so, at least – with this systematic erosion of their main enemy, and they view with a certain indifference the criminal punishment to which Ukraine, the only real victim of this tragedy, is subjected for purely formal reasons.

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