Thalía dresses up as Marilyn Monroe and Internet users compare her to her sister Laura Zapata

  • Thalía Sodi is always very active on social networks, as she often shares some of the most significant moments of her daily life.

  • Thalía’s videos have gone viral due to her great skill, creativity and charisma in front of the camera.

  • Thalía surprised with an excellent characterization of Marilyn Monroe, however, she was widely compared to her sister Laura Zapata.

Thalia Sodi She is one of the most emblematic singers in Mexico, who has not only stood out in the music and acting industry, but her charisma and creativity positioned her as one of the most viral public figures today.

And it is that in social networks he demonstrated his great ability to create content, since he often shares part of his daily life, such as his animals, some makeup tips for all his followers.

And a great example of this was her most recent representation of characters from the middle of the show, because this time the businesswoman decided to characterize herself as the famous actress Marilyn Monroe.

A blonde wig with shoulder-length curls, a gold dress with a ‘v’ neckline, red lips and her incredible talent on stage were the accessories that the artist used to bring Monroe to life.

It was through her official TikTok account that Thalía shared her striking “cosplay” (costume) to all her followers, who quickly reacted with various compliments to the protagonist of “Marimar”.

Thalia Sodi and Laura Zapata

However, the jokes and comparisons were not lacking, since various Internet users commented that the costume he wore gave him much more resemblance to his sister and also an actress, Laura Zapata.

“You look like your beautiful ‘sister’ (sister)”, “Hahaha, you casually dressed as your sis Laura Zapata”, “Blood, genetics… It’s Laura Zapata“, “Laura Zapata, the best villain”, “Laura Zapata as a young woman”, were some comments from users.

However, other users recognized the great characterization of the actress, since they considered that the resemblance to ‘Blonde Bombshell’ (Blonde Bomb) is terrific and called her the Mexican ‘Marilyn’.

Laura Zapata, sister of Thalía Sodi.

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