Silvestre Del Rosario, proud of the Dominican Heritage

On the occasion of the closing of the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Monththe Embassy of the United States presented Sylvester Del Rosariofirst Dominican to hold the position of chief inspector of the United States Marshals Service.

“English was his first language, but mangú was his first breakfast,” was the phrase with which the embassy introduced the video to make the Creole known to its 366,000 Instagram followers.

Del Rosario was born in the United States, but he is the son of Dominican migrants who arrived in the so-called “big city” when they were just teenagers.

In the brief film, Del Rosario said he was proud of his roots and that, as a child, when he visited his relatives he dreamed of returning and representing the US from Quisqueya la Bella. Work for which he now feels pride.

“Throughout my 25 years in the Army and the United States Marshal Service, I have carried with me the love I have for my culture, such as food and music; my bachata and merengue”, he maintained.

He also assured that he will always have the Dominican and American flags anywhere in the world.

Del Rosario recalled that for more than 35 years his father served the Marine of the USA and who retired with the rank of captain, for which he was recognized by the US Congress as the first Dominican-American to achieve that rank.

“I have always been proud and will always remember the Dominican/Hispanic heritage,” reiterated the chief inspector of the US Marshals Service, at the American Embassy located in the country.

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