Guerrero Ayala, legend of Televisa, strikes down Álvaro MoralesMediotiempo

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In today’s sports television there is a new stream of characters who like to attract attention “whatever” and that has not gone down too well with the doyens of journalism, who They call Álvaro Morales “ridiculous”the presenter of ESPN who never tires of being the center of attention -for better or for worse- with attitudes such as getting on the table in the middle of the program.

The Criticism of Brujo Morales come, this time, from a man with more than five decades in the media, Don Roberto Guerrero Ayalawho for many years was part of televised sports (today TUDN) in the analysis of face-to-face matches at the Jalisco Stadium with Chivas and Atlas.

What did Ayala say about Álvaro Morales?

Guerrero Ayala called the actions of Álvaro Morales “ridiculous” and he doubted that the ESPN commentator is actually a journalist endorsed to occupy the position he has, lamenting that he wants to feel more important than players, coaches and managers in order to be seen.

“Today the narrator, the commentator wants to become the star of the show and it’s wrong. We just saw a journalist dial up a table to rebuke a colleague, those ridiculous do not go“Noted Don Robert.

“The journalist must be serious, he must be fair, he must be totally attached to a reality, which is to tell people what they are seeing, nothing more. Not wanting to become the star of the show and that’s how bad we are living“.

Who is Roberto Guerrero Ayala from Televisa?

Born in Zamora, Michoacán on February 18, 1936, Roberto Guerrero Ayala is recognized for giving voice to the Atlas games and having a wide game analysis in company of Enrique Bermudez, Pablo Gonzalez, and Juan Pablo Romero.

Within your resume you can see 12 World Cups, in addition to an award as part of the National Association of Sports Writers. He provided his voice for the narrations of the matches of Atlas, Leones Negros, Tecos and Chivas.

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